Blossoms & Flutters: My Torin by K. Webster

My Torin

by: K. Webster
Published: January 9th 2018
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Source: own copy
In a Flutter: Never giving up hope!

I’m a freak, a misfit, an odd end.
Abandoned and unloved.
But my happiness is so close I can taste it.
Until he shows up.
Gorgeous, expensive, and all man.
Sad brown eyes and a brilliant smile.
And he wants me to go with him.
His intentions are hidden.
His motives are unclear.
Yet, I leave with him because there’s no happiness here.
What he promises feels too good to be true…
A castle. A fortune. And horses too.
It’s too easy.
Nothing in my life has ever been easy.
What’s the catch?
There’s always a catch.

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Fluttering Thoughts:

Worldbuilding: This story takes place in Freedom Mountain, in and around Tyler and Torin’s home.
Characters: The main characters are Casey White, Tyler, and Torin Kline. Casey’s life has started in the roughest way possible and the only saving grace is that in two short months she’ll be eighteen. Finally, able to leave her foster home and forge a new life all on her own. But much to her surprise an angel in the form of one Tyler Kline comes to her rescue. But not all is what it seems. Being introduced to Torin throws Casey for a loop in more ways than one. Meeting him is nothing like she has ever known and being a part of their family is like coming home. Has Casey finally found a forever home? Or will outside forces steal away her happiness before she even has a chance to actually live?
Plot: This is a heart wrenching love story that shows how love transcends even the toughest of situations and makes you believe that there is someone for everyone.
Writing: This novel is written in first person points of view of Casey, Tyler, and Torin. It is also a standalone.
Curb Appeal: I love this cover it fits the story to a T!!! The blurb is mysterious and so intriguing but barely gives anything away!
Ultimately: This was a heartrending tale that I loved every minute of!!! K. Webster somehow writes the most unique stories and this is no exception! Casey, Tyler, and Torin took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions, that had me giddy, hot and bothered, and gut wrenchingly sad. All in all, if you are in the mood for characters who will fill your heart and give you a major book hangover then come check out My Torin!!!!!


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