Weaver’s Folly by Sarah Madsen

Weaver’s Folly (The Shadowspinner Chronicles #1)

by Sarah Madsen
Expected publication: March 15th 2018 by Curiosity Quills Press
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
Source: NetGalley
In a Flutter: Exciting new series!

Alyssa D’Yaragen is just an elf trying to make ends meet. Thankfully, working as a freelance thief – a runner by the street name Lysistrata — pays more than she would make in a month selling cell phones to retropunks at her antique shop. Though she’s low-tech, she has an advantage over her fellow larcenists. She has magic.
Logan Turner, a techie and fellow runner, offers to bring her in on a high paying run stealing data from megacorporation Americorp. She accepts, partially for the payout, mostly for the challenge. Things get complicated, though, when her ex-boyfriend Tristan McCullough shows up with apologies – and, infuriatingly, the perfect recon opportunity for the Americorp job. Adding more fuel to the bad-decision fire is the mysterious Seraphina Dubhan, and Alyssa finds herself falling hard for the enigmatic elf.
But when Alyssa suddenly becomes the target of mystical attacks, things stop being about the money and become all about survival. With others caught in the crossfire, she needs to find and stop the attacker before the Americorp job is ruined and she – or one of her friends – pays the ultimate price.


Fluttering Thoughts:

Worldbuilding: Fifth District, Atlanta setting, in a futuristic world where there are neurocoms and techy body mods, but also fantasy elf world of Arcadia, and paranormal elements – clairvoyance/psychic, magic, eldgergloom (really cool concept), elementals, trolls – all in badass, punky style xD.
Characters: Alyssa is a runner and a biker chick of action. I liked her. She’s an elf with a human best friend and a complicated past. I liked the fact that she questioned herself and her culture where it was due, it made her seem well-grounded.
Logan was pretty fun too. I loved his punky style and kickass skills, and his loyalty was also a big plus.
Tristan comes across as a major ass in the beginning, but as the story unfolds he becomes more layered.
Plot: The mystery of who was after Alyssa was pretty fun and full of action, though my suspect turned out to be the guilty one. I enjoyed the red herring there, but it didn’t fool me, mwahahaha! The romantic tones were a nice touch, with a bi-curious main character.
Writing: First person, past tense narrative, Alyssa’s POV. I really enjoyed her voice and sense of humor.
Curb Appeal: The stunning gorgeousness of this cover!! Fabulousness galore. Also hooking blurb, so impulsive buy material for my UF cravings.

I recommend Weaver’s Folly to fans of blends of fantasy and futuristic settings, fans of elf stories, and of diversity.


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