Like to Die by David Housewright

Like to Die (Mac McKenzie #15)

by David Housewright
Published June 19th 2018 by Minotaur Books
Genre: Adult Contemporary Mystery
Source: NetGalley
In a Flutter: McKenzie is a riot!

A seemingly simple investigation, done as a favor for a friend, takes McKenzie down a dark and twisted path in Like to Die, the next mystery in David Housewright’s award-winning series.
Once a police detective in St. Paul, Minnesota, Rushmore McKenzie has become an unlikely millionaire and an occasional unlicensed private investigator, doing favors for friends. The favor, this time, is for a friend of a friend—Erin Peterson, a local business person and owner of a growing food company called Salsa Girl. Someone seems to have a beef with her: the outside locks on her factory having been systematically filled with superglue. But for some reason, Erin doesn’t want to report this harassment to the police. As a favor to his poker buddy and hockey teammate Ian, McKenzie agrees to stop by and chat with Erin.
At first Erin denies there’s anything going on and then, when the harassment escalates and threatens her business, she also asks for McKenzie’s help. The further McKenzie digs into the situation, the more complicated—and deadly—it becomes. And somewhere, in the middle of it all, is Erin, playing all sides against the middle, leading McKenzie to wonder if you ever really know who your friends are.


Fluttering Thoughts

Worldbuilding: Twin Cities setting. I loved the blend of worlds, his life as a cop and his non-cop pursuits xD
Characters: McKenzie is an ex detective. He’s smart and efficient, and can operate somewhat outside of the law since he’s not a detective anymore – pretty cool, cop skills, not so many cop limitations. Of course, he has his moral code and a very sharp sense of right and wrong, as you would expect. But there’s this flexibility about his thinking that just won my heart from like page 1. The awesome sense of humor really helped, too xDD
Plot: The mystery starts out seeming pretty cozy and light, but it gets more and more nuanced and fun as the story unfolds. Loved the tempo and structure of the story, and the ending was very satisfying.
Writing: First person, past tense narrative, MC POV. Loooooooove his voice, very conversational and super funny.
Curb Appeal: Cool cover, hooking blurb, impulsive buy material for my fun Mc mystery books.

I recommend Like to Die to fans of colorful and charismatic MCs and twisty stories that are very entertaining.


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