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Welcome to the Butterfly-o-meter Books blog. Your lovely host (that’s me :D) is Livia, from Romania (in Europe; ever heard of Count Dracula? Yeah, that’s the country.)

So, I’m a sociologist with a community development and European integration master, but that’s slightly boring right? I’m a big time book lover; story lover, more like. I’m a hopeless romantic, and I love the dark, sensual, intense art of the word. I love reading lots of things, I’m not necessarily a niche sort of reader, you know? Though I do love romance and twisted, tortured characters. But if I connect with someone’s writing, I’m gonna love their books, it doesn’t really matter what they’ll write about in each one; of course, that’s a general view of things. I go on a book by book basis, and not have things for writers as much as particular books. Some can do a fabulous encore of a masterpiece, but some have just the one, for me. Anyways…

I also do some graphic design more as a hobby really, I write, I draw…but not a lot of any in a short time, lol. So I’ve dared myself to get one novel done by 2012, at least the 1st draft. *sighs* I know, right? …
I will be blogging about my trials and tribulations along the way, the good & the bad, the pretty & the ugly, the high & the low (if I ever get to actually do some writing…) over at my writerly persona’s spot at Livia Olteano Blog.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing my reading adventures with you through this blog. I aim to promote reading, books in general in all their formats and most of all, equal chances. And there’s no one entitled to deny these equal chances to anyone or judge or frown upon things that are part of basic human rights. If you never had, maybe you should take a looksie at The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Wouldn’t it be great if people would aim to respect everyone else’s human rights?
This I strongly believe in.

All in all, I hope I’ll provide my readers with a pleasurable bookish experience, with a bit of peculiar and some wacky original in the mix, because that’s more or less who I am.
With bookish love,


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But no spreading the award any further 🙂

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