About Book Spotlights

My review list has grown out of hand, so review submissions are closed for the time being. I don’t do author interviews unless I’ve read something by the author and those I do only at my discretion not by request, so if you’d like your work to make an appearance on Butterfly-o-Meter Books your best chance is a Book Spotlight.

The Book Spotlight showcases your book to the best of its abilities. It contains all the relevant information about your book and your author details.
The Spotlight consists of 2 or 3 sections, while 2 are mandatory the 3rd is optional and up to you.

1. Book Info:
– book cover
– book title
– if it’s part of a series and which book of it it is
author name
editions it’s published in: audiobook, ebook, hardcover, paperback
date of publication and publisher
– what age group it’s addressed to (Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult) and the two main genres
– the blurb
– book buy links (Amazon, B&N, Book Depository – I provide them; you can provide links for Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, Sony)

2. Author Info:
– author bio + picture (if you want it, if not no picture is fine)
– author links: Website, Blog, Facebook page, Twitter profile, Goodreads profile

3. Book Excerpt (exclusive or not):
– nothing more then 1500 words from the title we’re promoting with this post
– regardless of the nature of your work, this needs to be family friendly or it’s going under a spoiler bar

While I am open to hosting a spotlight post for your book, the same title can only be featured once and each post can spotlight only one title. If it’s part of a series with previously published books, covers and Goodreads links for the others could be showcased in the promo post, but nothing more. You don’t need to give me that info, if I choose to show it I’ll get it myself, no worries.

If you’d like to see a Book Spotlight as an example, check any of these for instance. They’re generally titled Promo (older ones) or Spotlight when part of a book tour or not, but the structure of a Book Spotlight remains the same.
Whenever not provided with the info above, should I not manage to find it on my own regardless of the fact you didn’t send it, the spotlight will show up without that section of the info.
Generally speaking though, the entire 3 sections structure is what I’d call an optimal pitch to a potential reader and I recommend you go with all the info present to stir the max interest you could. 🙂

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  1. Eva Gordon

    I am interested in a book spotlight for my paranormal romance and steampunk novels.

    Is there an e-mail to send required spotlight information?



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