About Giveaways

So, here’s the list of open giveaways here on Butterfly-o-Meter Books. Enter to your heart’s content!

ƸӜƷ  List of Giveaways


If you’re interested in featuring a giveaway on my blog, there are a few aspects I’d like you to consider aside my General TRR :

– I live in Europe, Romania, so any paperback giveaway prize will have to be mailed by you or the author you’re representing, it takes 2 weeks for mail to get to me not to mention it costs more to send me the copies to send winners then sending them directly.
– Whenever the title is available in paperback and ebook format, I’ll ask that any giveaway featured on my blog has both if not only the ebook format as prize open internationally.
– I will feature giveaways as part of virtual book tours, regardless if I have read and reviewed the book myself, but it must be a book with a family friendly cover as much as possible; I enjoy reading steamy titles, and erotica as well, but have to comply with a family friendly policy concerning covers as much as possible for reasons that I can’t control. I’ll sneak in some hot covers, but nothing outright graphic please.

If anything else occurs to me, I’ll let you know.