About Guest Posts…

As you already know (I hope?), Butterfly-o-Meter Books is a very author-friendly blog. And by author I do mean all sorts of writers, pretty much regardless of the genre(s) they write and any labels that may have been applied either to said genre(s) or to the authors themselves.

I’m trying to think up new ways for you authors to make an appearance on the blog, since doing only reviews is not working out. I’m tremendously behind, what with my October 10 2011 Doom’s Day of losing the previous blog, and getting busier with life and all. So I figured this would be a cool way for you to strut your stuff.
Thereby I proclaim the following:

Butterfly-o-Meter Books invites any and all authors, regardless of what they’ve published so far and how, to do guest posts on the blog. The only condition for being eligible to do a guest post is either to have published something, indie/self-pub or traditional, or to be currently working on something that will be published in the future. In other words, this is dedicated to writers, published authors or published authors in the makings.

Guest Post Rules:

❤ If you’d like to be guest post on the blog, email me and tell me about it.
❤ Your email should contain a link to your author webiste/blog, as a way of validation that you are a writer OR a book blogger. (Yes, some people would impersonate, there’s all kinds of peeps out there it appears….)
❤ If you’d like your personal picture, or your writer blog/webiste button to show up, send me the link for said image or the image itself. It cannot be a book cover though. Your personal picture OR your writer/book blogger website/blog button. If the guest post is meant to be part of a virtual book tour, the image can be a blog tour badge or sticker or whatever you wanna call it.
❤ Send me your guest post content, either in a *.doc file or directly in the email text. It should have a title, or it’s going to show up as “Guest Post: your name” instead of “Guest Post: The ramblings of a quirky writer by your name” (wacky example, don’t use that title lol, though you can put a fun/funny title, I’m not big on censorship unless your language is really shmitty *winks*)
What it can contain:  
– a Playlist for your book, a scene, a character, 
– a Top Ten type of post on any topic, either yours or a character’s for instance, 
– your thoughts on one thing or another about writing, publishing, staying in touch with your readers. book blogging 
– your reaction to some popular thing going on related to writing, publishing, staying in touch with your readers, book blogging
– some random short fiction you’ve written, specifically for this guest post or not
– a “character guest post”, written in the persona of any of your book characters on an acceptable topic (see details bellow)
– links to your author website/blog, Goodreads profile, Facebook fan page or profile, twitter account
What it can’t contain:
– any racial, religious, sexual orientation or politic view propaganda (I’m a sociologist, I’m gonna catch it if it’s in there and it’s going to bother me very, very much.) For details on this, read the lower italic info.
– any ‘subtle’ advertising of un-bookish related things; that goes directly to my trash bin, no doubt about it (if your guest post is about getting over the infamous writer’s block, you can mention any helpful software you’ve used and give me a straightforward, clean direct link to its website)
– any bashing of any sort. I HATE bullies. Keep that in mind for future reference as well, I will too 😉
– the guest post content that you’ve had featured on another blog, whenever, wherever
– any plugging! Guest posts should be articles on some writing/reading/publishing aspect, not a collection of quotes about your title or book-glorifying text explaining to the reader how awesome your work is. I’m sure it is awesome, so take the chance to show readers how good of a writer you are, how fun, how witty. Convince readers your writing is worth reading by showing them, not telling them 🙂
– any sort of plagiarized text (if you wanna quote someone, use the ” ” and reference who and what you’re quoting). I will do a Google search, and I will be public about it should you do it. I dislike liars and cheats, you don’t want to make it on that list of mine 😉
any images that you don’t own the rights to or have explicit permission to use in your post! Keep in mind copyright is in effect on anything, images as well as your work. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t like done to you, you know? Public domain images are okay, but be sure they are public domain/creative commons and have links for me to check.

links to product sales of any kind that is unrelated to your guest post content and writing/publishing/bookish things (including any Amazon links for your book, or any other such product; you can link your author website, peeps will find your links there ok?); this is not ad space up for sale, no matter what you’re selling. Keep it clean or it’s not making the light of day
erotica or steamy content; it’s a reasonably family safe blog this one, for many reasons. If you want an excerpt of your erotica book to show up, make sure it’s not a smex scene or steamy scene from it – we know we’ll find those in your erotica book, how about you give us other reasons to wanna read it instead? 🙂  

All guest posts will be read by me, and if I find them in any way offensive or suspicious or plain old annoying, they obviously won’t appear on my blog. Keep that in mind.
If your post encourages any illegal or immoral activity, it won’t be a go. What’s immoral is, of course, up to me, so mindless violence of any sort directed towards human beings or animals of any kind will surely kill all your chances.

I’m all for quirky, fun, peculiar stuff. Go for experimental writing, go for attention grabbing, go for intense in smart and family safe ways. I dislike intolerance on any topic, bigots and bigot talk has no place on my blog. Any sort of propaganda for any religious belief, sexual orientation, politic views or any racially related comments will kill your chance by default. Try to be a human being, not a drone; the name of the game is tolerance and understanding here, ok? I’m very politically correct and open minded, if you’re not, hey, it’s your loss, but you’re not making an appearance on my blog bashing anything.You can have strong points of view, of course, and you can make an argument for them, but the point of view needs to seem reasonable to me and relevant to writing, not something else, ok?That being said, I’m not a despotic blogger, so don’t be afraid to try something out. The worst it can happen is it won’t work out and you won’t show up guest posting about that. Unless you’re being willfully bashing, you can always send over another guest post material. 


– make sure your guest post is sent to me a week in advance before the date it’s going to go live.
– don’t embed images in a *.doc file if you want them to be part of the guest post, attach them to the email instead
– give me an author bio, your links – website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads profile, and an author picture or your website/blog button
– if your cover shows up on Goodreads but it’s been changed in the meantime, send me the new cover image attached to the email

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That being said, I’m looking forward to receiving your stuff!
If you’d like your guest post to be a part of a blog tour, then tell me about it and we’ll discuss the date when your guest post will be going live on the blog to make that work. If you don’t, I’ll schedule the guest post any way I see fit (maybe part of a weekly feature or something like that).
I’m book tour friendly as well, so it’s cool. We just need to make sure I have that spot clear on my schedule, ok? Also if it is part of a book tour I’ll post some links for it in the post, so I’d think you’d want me to know right?

Ta ta.