Book Promo Campaigns

Would you like your book to be promoted on the sidebar of my blog?
The Book Promo space consists of 3 sections:
book cover image (140 px width image size, if you don’t have the cover in that size I will resize it for you in the Pomo cost)
title, author and book description – max 150 words long in all
links – max 3 links, they can be purchase links to whatever sites, author/book website links, your choice.

This is how the Book Promo looks, when active on the sidebar – top, under the social media links, above any sidebar ads if active!

Book title
by Author Name

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1. Book Promo Campaign Types:

1 Month Campaign (30 days) – 23,70 $ { 0.79 $/day }
 The campaign will begin on the convened first day of the campaign and will end 30 days later.

2 Weeks Campaign (14 days) – 12,46 $ { 0.89 $/day } 
The campaign will begin on the convened first day of the campaign and will end 14 days later.

1 Week Campaign (7 days) – 6,93 $ { 0.99 $/day }
The campaign will begin on the convened first day of the campaign and will end 7 days later.

Terms and Conditions:

From here on, the part commissioning a book promo campaign will be known as the advertiser.
Each campaign will begin at or before 12:00 AM my time (GMT+2 or GMT+3 depending on summer/winter time) on the convened start day and will end on the end day of the duration at 12:00 AM my time or later (i.e. on the next day after the campaign is over).
Once a campaign has been commissioned, it cannot be canceled by the advertiser for any reason, but it can be suspended or canceled by the blog owner subject to unilateral decision and without prior notice. Though the blog owner reserves the right to do so, I affirm such actions will not be taken unless justified reasons would call for. Should such measures be taken, refer to the Campaign terms lower regarding refunds.

Each Campaign will be scheduled individually and paid for in advance. Upon request, any Campaign can be renewed with a new one of any of the 3 types, prior to the end date of the current campaign. Changes to cost per campaign can be subject to change by the blog owner at any time, but once a campaign has been paid for its cost cannot be changed or altered for that particular already commissioned campaign.

2. Book Promo Campaign Slots:

There are unlimited slots for promo campaigns, the order of slots is no way relevant to the cost of campaigns or duration. By rule of thumb, campaigns will be added to the Book Promo space in the order in which they have been commissioned.

3. Book Promo Campaign Content:

 The book cover, book title, book description content cannot be explicitly 18+ in nature, I will not showcase any erotic content through the Book Promo space. If your book is meant for adults and has an adult cover and description, as long as it’s not too explicit, we’ll go with it. This is to be discussed on a case by case basis, but as a general rule explicit images and mature content cannot be showcased.
The book genre and nature is irrelevant to the Book Promo campaign, the book can be any genre or length whatsoever and aimed at whatever age group. However, the blog owner reserves the right to turn down Campaigns for any titles she chooses to, without having to provide any explanations as to her decision.

All the Book Promo material, i.e. book cover image, title/author name, description and links must be provided by the advertiser who commissions the promo campaign. When commissioning a promo campaign, any typos and fact errors in the ad space are the advertiser’s responsibility and will be showcased as provided.

 The link titles will be suggestive for the content, i.e. if they are purchase links they will bear the names of the networks, if they’re author links, book links, they will bear such suggestive titles i.e. author website, social media, etc. The links can lead to whatever you want, the content there is your responsibility entirely, it can be adult content or not. The blog owner does not hold any responsibility for the maintenance or nature of the linked content, such responsibilities are the advertiser’s.

The description text of up to 50 words can contain book blurb, author details, genre description or whatever else you’d like readers to know about your book. Should it contain quotes from anywhere, please provide the source, and be sure to not include any 18+ content. As per the links provided, the content is entirely your responsibility and if not provided, no book description will show in the Book Promo.

The format of the Book Promo is as you see it in the sidebar, subject to change solely under the blog owner’s  i.e. my decision, is not negotiable and does not affect the duration of your Book Promo campaign. The blog owner affirms care and investing effort in keeping the Book Promo space as useful to promoting the titles as possible.

4. Book Promo Campaign particulars:

The blog owner does not hold any responsibility for the nature of the book promoted through the Book Promo campaign, that is solely the responsibility of the advertiser. Subject to any unilateral decision of the blog owner, the Book Promo Campaign can be suspended or canceled without notice to the advertiser. Though the blog owner reserves the right to do so, I affirm such actions will not be taken unless justified reasons would call for. In such situations, part of the cost of the remaining days of the campaign that have been canceled will be returned to the advertiser as per the cost of 0.79 $/campaign day, the blog owner will refund the advertiser the sum equal to the number of days of campaign that have been canceled.

All payments will be done thought PayPal only. For details on where to make the payment, for questions you might have, or to commission a campaign please feel free to email me at any time, I’m at your service. 🙂

5. Book Promo Campaign: Get yours now!

Order your Book Promo Campaign by emailing me your Book Promo info – book cover image, author name, book title, book description and max 3 links – and give me the start date you want for your promo campaign. 
Any further questions you might have, please feel free to address them! 🙂