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Important notice regarding review submissions :)

Dear writers,I've updated my Review Policy & Submissions, please look over it here.If any of you have glanced over my upcoming-review shelf on Goodreads you'll understand why. There's a fine balance between reading for the reviews, reading other titles, and being active all over the place. I'm trying my best here to do what's best for the blog, for writers, for me as a person. Life is a delicate balance, and I run one-woman-shows here.So as of now, taking in review requests is suspended. I have around 80 titles to read through, and I will probably Read more [...]

Butterfly-o-Meter Books

My self-hosted book blog looks like it's doomed atm. I will do my best to recuperate my data, it would be a great shame to lose all of my reviews for the last 6 months. But right now I don't know anything for sure. As soon as I'll know anything, I'll tell you guys.I don't like it, but the fact that my content can just go missing like that is making Blogspot look like the winner ticket. I like the WordPress self-hosted platform much, much more, but due to lack of funds, and the liability of going through this ever again, the grim prospect of having Read more [...]