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Become a butterfly @Butterfly-o-Meter Books!

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Hey guys! This is the first Book-o-Sphere Flutter of 2014, yey! I'm going to be a little selfish & use it for the blog. I've been thinking about this for a few months, what with my trials at writing taking more and more time, I've been getting bouts of guilt about not being able to respond to Review Requests as positively as I used to some time ago. When I first started this blog in 2011, I was intensely promoting ebooks and indie authors and focusing on them. As time went by, it became more of an all'round focus on Romance and some YA, Read more [...]

My book blogger needs

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I've been MIA during the last weekends. I foresee more of that happening until like October maybe, because sometimes the authoring part of my life just has to have priority. I've been pretty adamant about not letting the author part of my life invade my book blogging time, and things have been going well so far. Right now though, damn, there's just no way to have my fun little RAWBL weekends. Titles that were scheduled for the weekends I'm MIA will be redone, mainly because I so wanna read them and I'm sure I won't get to it unless I stick to Read more [...]

Virtual Book Tours – the insider’s guide ~ III

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So, today's topic is (again) Virtual Book ToursThis is part III of my (ridiculously large!) insider's guide to virtual book tours I, II. Today we're talking about what virtual book tours have to offer for you as a host and why I love them myself. The main question of the day is what's in it for you as a tour host if you do participate in one and why I love tours. Here a few things that come to mind... Traffic!In one word: traffic. By definition, virtual book tours are online events focused on creating a buzz about a title. To do that, organizers Read more [...]

Book-o-Sphere Flutters: Virtual Book Tours – the insider’s guide ~ II

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So, today's topic is (again) Virtual Book ToursThis is part II of my (ridiculously large!) insider's guide to virtual book tours. Today we're talking about types of content that can show up on book tours and I'll give you my take on each. I like to think of the content in categories, it makes it easier to focus on each so we can talk about them. Types of tour stops...Book tour stops can be:- reviews (your review of that book that's on tour)- guest posts ( author guest post, character interview {author asks the character Q's}, character guest post Read more [...]

Book-o-Sphere Flutters: Virtual Book Tours – the insider’s guide ~ I

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While stalking visiting blogs through the #FF last week, Angela and myself ran into each other. To make a long story short, after some chatting on the topic, she suggested I should write something like a guide on book tours.I thought about it and realized while some of us have made up our minds about things, some of our bloggy friends might not find enough info on things that easily. And without really knowing what's up with something, it's really difficult and unwise to make up your mind about it, I think.So I thought I'd share some of what I've Read more [...]

Book-o-Sphere Flutters: Books that might give us the butterflies coming out next week

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I suck at keeping track of books in series I've been reading or wanting to read. So I thought I'd make myself a little list for next week, make sure I'm reminded of what could be cool to get for my bookish reading pleasure. Since I'm making my lists anyways {OCD much?, you'll ask} I thought maybe I should share them with you guys. So here are some yummy-looking titles coming out next week, March 1 ~ 8 :Adult UF/PNR:Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson #7) by Patricia BriggsWild Invitation (Psy-Changeling 0.5, 3.5, 9.5, 10.5) by Nalini SinghMating Instinct Read more [...]