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Fluttering Thoughts: Trinkets And Arrows by C.L. Stegall

Trinkets And Arrows (The Progeny novelette)By C.L. StegallEditions: ebookPublished: Published June 19th 2011 by Dark Red PressGenre: YA Paranormal / MythologySource: review copyLife is not simple for Lily Abrams, a seventeen year old thief living in Encino. When her reputation derails her living arrangements, she knows what she has to do. She takes a job to steal a bag of rare coins from a suburban home, unaware of the danger lying within. Secrets as old as Ancient Greece are kept hidden in the middle of Los Angeles. After Lily crosses the wrong Read more [...]

eAuthor Spotlight: C.L.Stegall

Bio:C.L. Stegall is a Dallas-based author who writes in various genres, mostly in modern fantasy. He grew up in North Carolina and entered the military two days after his high school graduation. He served ten years in the army, as an engineer and a linguist for military intelligence. He has traveled the Western Hemisphere extensively from Alaska to South America.C.L. began writing at an early age, publishing poetry in the 80’s and early 2000’s. His short stories began winning online awards beginning in 2003. His first collection of short stories Read more [...]

Review: The Weight of Night by C.L.Stegall

      The Weight Of NightC.L. Stegall; Kindle Edition, Published January 25th, 2011Alexis is not your average high school graduate, her photographic memory and difficult personality usually making her a loner. But, when her life is further thrown into turmoil and tragedy strikes, everything she has known turns out to be based upon a lie. With her faithful friend Keats in tow, she sets out on a dangerous journey of self-discovery, with a mysterious stalker never far behind. Finding herself in a world populated by nothing less than myth and legend Read more [...]