Blogger Theme: The Book’s Buzz & some Bookworm remixes xD

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The Book's Buzz

Hey guys!
Sooo, today we’re gonna talk about a really fun, upbeat project I’ve been working on for Alex @ The Book’s Buzz. She had this bee-centered idea of a foresty look, bright, fun, and bubbly (like her personality xDDD). This is what came out:

the book's buzz

Fun, right? xDDD I had a blast working on this project, and so did Alex, she even talks about it here πŸ˜€

Alex got the Basic Blogger with a custom header, rating system, post sticker, and a slider. It was super fun to work on that mascot bee you can see in the header, and I got a kick out of working on this sort of nature-centered theme πŸ˜€ I’ve been blessed to work on some very diverse themes lately, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about it. Diversity is the spice of life πŸ˜€

Please Feed the Bookworm Remix-ish

Please Feed the Bookworm

You guys remember Britt @ Please Feed the Bookworm, right?
Her fabulous self wanted us to go back to a more bookworm look for her header, as a result we reworked the original caterpillar into a proper worm, lol, munching out of a book to boot πŸ˜€ She also got a blog button to go with the new custom header and a post signature πŸ˜€

please feed the bookworm 2

You guys should go check them all live in all their glory, har~har!

Talk to ya’ll soon!

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