Happy 2015! & Return Lovelies: Cafinated Reads

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Hey guys! May you have a fab 2015!
Cafinated Reads

Today we’re talking about the fab Molly, an awesomesauce lady who blogs at Cafinated Reads (used to be Reviews by Molly). As you guys know, I have a hardcore passion for coffee, and I was thrilled to work on this brown/teal cozy cafe project 😀
Here’s what came out:

cafinated reads - ex reviews by molly

Molly got a custom header, a set of icons to go with it, a new blog button, and two really cool post stickers for memes she likes to participate in, all to match the new header. I had a blast working with her, and I loved the results, but most importantly she did xD

Must be mentioned (and applauded!) that Molly chose to use the fab Tweak Me theme by Creative Whim, a theme I wholeheartedly recommend to any WordPress user.
We consulted a bit on how she can fiddle with the colors to make the rest of the theme match the things she commissioned from yours truly. Head on over to Cafinated Reads to see the results in their full, live glory, hehe 😀

This was not our first rodeo, but damn was it a fun one! xD

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