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June Moonbridge

Hey guys!
So, today we’re talking about a Blogger “website homepage view” I’ve been working on. Before we go any further, please applaud Hollie Lo‘s artwork (find her work on DeviantArt) – she’s the one who worked on the awesome girl & moon & bridge image I used for the theme. Here’s her Moon Bridge, awesome ain’t it? Used her work with her permission (obtained by the blog owner) and of course with giving credit with links, because that’s the right thing to do 🙂


Lovely, isn’t it? June Moonbridge got a Basic Blogger with a drop-down menu and an extra icon. I had an easier job than usual since I didn’t come up with the image used this time, but I loved working with this amazing image xD
Go see it all live on Dreams under the Moonbridge 🙂

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