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The Book Dancer

Hey guys!
Wow, I am so excited to tell you about the awesome ballerina project I’ve worked on with Jazzie @ The Book Dancer xD I have a secret love of ballerinas, hehe, and this was my first ballerina project ever 😀 I totally fangirled over the idea as soon as Jazzie talked to me about her vision.
This is what came out:

the book dancer

Jazzie got the Basic Blogger + Custom Header and a rating system, and while it took me longer than it normally does to come up with the design, I freaking loved every moment of it 😀 And she’s loving her new look too, she talked about it here 😀

Go over to her awesome blog and see it all live!
We’ll talk soon, with some equally exciting (for me, at least, lol!) news!

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