Blogger Theme: All the Diversity & The Keyboard Rambler Custom Header

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Hello lovelies!
Wow, it’s been forever since I last updated with completed projects. The two lovelies we’re talking about now have been completed since summer, though. Why am I only updating now about them? Two reasons:
1 – iFail at life, lol. I’ve been super busy this year, and when I think to do something “next week” that doesn’t involve a work-related deadline, it has come to mean I’m probably going to forget, sigh.
2 – I wanted to post about both with links, and the header didn’t go live right away when the work on it was done. But it is live now, and I remembered I need to update, lol, so here we go.

Blogger Theme: All the Diversity

The lovely Kym wanted something fresh and minimalist with an urban air, and her fav color was green. So I went in a green-ified direction and had a lot of fun with bold typesets. This is what came out:

Kym got a Basic Blogger, and I love the serene feel of what came out. Go check it out live at All the Diversity xD

The Keyboard Rambler Custom Header

Lanae wanted a Custom Header that would convey her Keyboard Rambler concept, and she had an idea of an actual keyboard maybe. It was fun to work on this project, and I loved the color scheme Lanae wanted used. I really like the outcome, and she’s using it on the awesome Tweak Me theme which I totally love for blogs.
This is how this baby looks:

Head on over to The Keyboard Rambler to read some cool reviews, fanfic and original fic.

And that’s about it for now, folks.
Talk soon!

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