Basic WordPress Customization

Basic WordPress Customization:     $49.99

Get no surprises with my Basic WordPress theme – I work on the original WordPress themes structure (Twenty Twelve) and tweak it so while the looks will be different, the guts won’t. Get the most compatibility with the WordPress platform and the looks you wanted, plus installation if you choose to ask for it – all in the price.

Have a theme you’ve found and love the structure of, but want to revamp it with your style? Get the Basic WordPress Customization and keep the functionality of the theme you love, but get the style you were craving for.

Some of the samples you see above also feature Add-Ons, like Custom Headers.

                 – Text Only Header: custom blog name & description/motto on transparent background
                 – Custom Background (can be as complex as you’d like)
                 – Custom Sidebar Header CSS styling & Background
                 – Basic Blog Button with grab code (the image showcases your text header)
                 – up to 5 social media icons + up to 5 basic post stickers (transparent background + text) included with your basic theme
                 – Installation (or, if you prefer, I can send you the theme file for you to install yourself)

Looking for more? Check out the Add-Ons page to find out what you can add to your Basic WordPress Customization theme package.