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Blogger Customization: SkyBlue for Masquerade Book Tours

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Masquerade Book Tours

Hey guys!
Today we’re talking about a real fun project I worked on for Diantha’s Masquerade Book Tours. Obviously, there’s a masquerade motive going on, and I’ve had a great time working on it. Diantha wanted the awesome Johanes Djogan‘s SkyBlue theme customized, and I for one feel it works awesome for her needs.

Take a looksie at what came out…
masquerade bt

Diantha got a Basic Blogger, coupled with a customized drop-down menu, custom header, a bunch of text stickers, a few extra buttons, a Twitter old layout header, and a sticker, so lots of goodies, lol. Love the outcome? I hope you do ­čśÇ

Talk soon!

WordPress Customization: Custom Community for Rachel Van Dyken & Ebook Cover News

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So, today we’re gonna talk a bit about a project I’ve been working for a while. My friend Angie contacted me a while back about working on a project for one of the awesome people she works with, Rachel Van Dyken. You know Rachel, she’s the author of the phenomenal The Bet novel, a huge bestseller (she’s also written lots of other works, by the way, check her out on Goodreads if you haven’t already!).

I was thrilled to work on this project, and I’m very happy to tell you the site is up and running now in all its minimalist, teal & white glory. Also helps that Rachel is gorgeous, see that header image there? Yeah, that’s how gorgeous she looks. Beautiful and so very talented!
Anyway, this is what her new place looks like:

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Theme parts and color schemes…

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Hey guys!
I’m here to brag a bit again, lol. I’ve been busy lately, which is, of course, a marvelously stupendous thing to be when you’re doing something you love. Hence the bragging, haha.

First thing, I did a CSS color scheme personalization for the fabulous Cion theme from Elegant Themes. I take no credit for the theme structure, functions and awesomeness, I just whipped up a black/gray color scheme option aside the purple, green and blue ones my friend Nadine already had in the original theme. They did give their permission for the color scheme to be added, and I was sort of in awe of the awesome coding the theme has. So if you have a WordPress blog, like compact, sleek themes that come with a lot of options and easy to do customizations and color schemes in your Control Panel, you might want to consider this one, I mean I would.

Really, really awesome theme structure that Elegant Themes came up with. Thumbs up all the way to the sky!

Secondly, I did some inserts for┬áK.A. Tucker’s new blog, I had a blast doing these because she gave me awesome material to work with, there’s nothing that makes a PS fiddler happier then great material to work with ­čśÇ
I can’t show you all of the stuff here, I’m just gonna show you some of my tweaks and you’ll just have to go on over to her blog and check them out there:

What I did was the post signature, the blog button, the social media icons, the 3 Team stickers (my favorite part of the whole thing, really), some sidebar header/blockquote customizations and that’s about it I guess.
Really loved working on it all, and now I can move on my dear friends, Ali and Bree’s stuff, who may or may not start harboring murderous intents for me, lol.

P.S.: I bow in gratitude to K.A. Tucker’s uber-awesome post, her kindness and generosity knows no boundaries. You should totally read her books too, just saying ­čśÇ

*fless in a Speedy Gonzales-like cloud of dust*

Hello 2012! Social media icons + updates

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Wow, how fast time passes, right?
I won’t rant a lot here, I’ve just got some updates for you and a little notice and then I’ll rush off to do some badges – life is great in times like these!

So, latest news, I’ve made the lovely Megan Curd a set of social media icons, and I had a lot of fun making them xDDD ┬áCheck them out:

Or better yet, go by her gorgeous blog and check it out live, so to speak ­čśÇ

And, secondly, I must announce that some of my prices have been changed, and I got some new “services” up on my price list, figured I should break down the “theme┬ápackages” into separate services as well, why not right? This adjustment of prices has taken place because after really working on different items from this list, I got a better notion of what it means to actually do them, whereas before the prices had been put up just off the top of my head. Hey, it’s a learning curve right?
I haven’t yet done a book cover job, for instance, so if I get to do one or more, that price might as well get adjusted sometime in the future.
Anyways, here’s the new list:

All themes and other jobs┬ácommissioned┬áprior to me posting this notice will go by the old price ­čÖé
Any and all jobs commissioned from this point on will go by these new prices.
If you’d like to read my MO for hiring and etc, you can find it all on the Prices, Services & MO page.

Thanks everyone for being part of the Butterfly-o-Meter family, it has been a pleasure being here with you last year and let’s hope for only awesomeness to come in this new year, hm?