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Blogger Theme: Breath of Life

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Hey guys!
Looooong time, no see…again! I know, lol. Life is pretty hardcore nowadays, with a lot on my plate. But I do love to fiddle with a theme every chance I get (time permitting, sigh), which is why today we’re talking about…

Breath of Life

Rev. Kim had a really cool color scheme in mind and a clean, minimalist-inspired direction she wanted to go in. I brought in my sense of her from stalking reading her blog, and this is what came out:

Pretty gorgeous, if I do say so myself. She got a Basic Blogger with a Custom Header, and the results are pretty lovely – right? Go check her blog out, Breath of Life, to see the magic happen.

Talk soon!

Blogger Theme: All the Diversity & The Keyboard Rambler Custom Header

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Hello lovelies!
Wow, it’s been forever since I last updated with completed projects. The two lovelies we’re talking about now have been completed since summer, though. Why am I only updating now about them? Two reasons:
1 – iFail at life, lol. I’ve been super busy this year, and when I think to do something “next week” that doesn’t involve a work-related deadline, it has come to mean I’m probably going to forget, sigh.
2 – I wanted to post about both with links, and the header didn’t go live right away when the work on it was done. But it is live now, and I remembered I need to update, lol, so here we go.

Blogger Theme: All the Diversity

The lovely Kym wanted something fresh and minimalist with an urban air, and her fav color was green. So I went in a green-ified direction and had a lot of fun with bold typesets. This is what came out:

Kym got a Basic Blogger, and I love the serene feel of what came out. Go check it out live at All the Diversity xD

The Keyboard Rambler Custom Header

Lanae wanted a Custom Header that would convey her Keyboard Rambler concept, and she had an idea of an actual keyboard maybe. It was fun to work on this project, and I loved the color scheme Lanae wanted used. I really like the outcome, and she’s using it on the awesome Tweak Me theme which I totally love for blogs.
This is how this baby looks:

Head on over to The Keyboard Rambler to read some cool reviews, fanfic and original fic.

And that’s about it for now, folks.
Talk soon!

WordPress Customization: Tweak Me for Brittersweet Reads

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Hey guys! Missed me, huh? I missed you! <3 Wow, it's been uber-long since we've chatted last, huh? I have been doing minor designing here and there since we talked last, but nothing major and somehow I never got around to post about those projects here. Truth be told, I've been super-busy with the writing/translating/reading&book-blogging part of my life, and Ps play took a backseat for a while. And God, I missed it!! So it feels good to be back. I mean, I never left, but you know...:D Today we're talking about the awesome fun I've had with Britt from the newly-named Brittersweet Reads. You know Britt, she’s the Bookworm we’ve talked about a while back – her blog used to be Please Feed the Bookworm.

Brittersweet Reads

In the meantime, she’s moved to WordPress, and chose the fabulous Tweak Me as basis. The fab Nose Graze “translated” Britt’s design into her uber-easy-to-customize-and-enjoy theme. But then Britt went on a hiatus for a bit, and when she came back the shiny new Brittersweet Reads was born. Britt wanted to revamp her style, and being the lovely creature that she is, she wanted us to work together on her new style – ofc still using the kickass Tweak Me theme. And work we did xDDD Feast your eyes on the results!

Britt got a new custom header, background, post divider, sidebar description image, rating system, blog button and some minor tweaks here and there to go with the shiny new goods.
It’s always fun to work with Britt, there’s just something bubbly and super fun about her, you know? Plus we totally geed out, jedi style xDDD
And she wanted her new look to reflect the royal bookworm-ness of her soul and all sorts of topics she’s gonna talk about, in sparkly awesomeness too. I’m kinna loving the results, tbh.
Please do visit the Brittersweet Reads to see it all in its shiny glory xDDD

Talk soon!

Happy 2015! & Return Lovelies: Cafinated Reads

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Hey guys! May you have a fab 2015!
Cafinated Reads

Today we’re talking about the fab Molly, an awesomesauce lady who blogs at Cafinated Reads (used to be Reviews by Molly). As you guys know, I have a hardcore passion for coffee, and I was thrilled to work on this brown/teal cozy cafe project 😀
Here’s what came out:

cafinated reads - ex reviews by molly

Molly got a custom header, a set of icons to go with it, a new blog button, and two really cool post stickers for memes she likes to participate in, all to match the new header. I had a blast working with her, and I loved the results, but most importantly she did xD

Must be mentioned (and applauded!) that Molly chose to use the fab Tweak Me theme by Creative Whim, a theme I wholeheartedly recommend to any WordPress user.
We consulted a bit on how she can fiddle with the colors to make the rest of the theme match the things she commissioned from yours truly. Head on over to Cafinated Reads to see the results in their full, live glory, hehe 😀

This was not our first rodeo, but damn was it a fun one! xD