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WordPress Customization: Jane Ederlyn

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So, let’s talk about another fun project I’ve been fiddling with, it’s Jane Ederlyn‘s virtual home 😀
Jane & Ederlyn had a really cool, clean, minimalist South Florida-esque vibe they wanted for their theme, and I had fun working on it. This is what came out:

jane ederlyn

Fun, right? A Basic WordPress Customization (this one on the Responsive Theme ) can do any virtual home justice, I think. I’ve worked on some content & plugins too, it’s been awesome working with them 😀


Blogger Theme: Paging Through Life & some more Stickers for Ali

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PTL ~ One page at a time

Grace from Paging Through Life was cool to work with, she had a vision and she was really good at painting that picture for me in our talks.

The result is a fresh, spring-like theme that I personally adore to bits, if I may so myself really cool to look at. It relaxes me, makes me want to hang around the place, you know? This is what a theme should do for your blog, aside painting a picture of its/your character, it should make people feel cool enough to want to stay awhile just for the visual pleasure of it.

This was a Basic Blogger plus a custom header, so aside the custom fonts, sidebar/background customization, max of 5 icons and 5 basic post stickers included and a blog button, Grace also wanted a custom header. The result is pretty cool and I think you should check it live, click the image above to see it live in all its glory xDD

Ali’s Blogiversary & Such

Ali's Bookshelf

Yep, Ali has made a hit again xD She sure knows how to make a designer feel good, I’ll tell you that.
Her blogiversary needed a sticker, so she asked me for one. I love working for Ali because she’s really open to my wacky suggestions and we have a real good sense of what to go for by this point.

You can reach her blog by clicking the button here on the right. She also got a rating system for this blog, Breath of Life, but I’m not sure when we’re gonna see it in action. Check out Rev. Kim’s book blog and stalk the place, that’s my solution to all such things xDD

That’s it for now, I’ll be back with fresh news when I’ll have them. xD

Header, button, rating system: Reviews by Molly

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Hey guys!
I’m happy to tell you I’ve completed another commission, for the lovely Molly over at Reviews by Molly. As my first customer since the prices remix, I’m happy to say she was a joy to work with. We had some great brainstorming going on, I tell you.
She wanted a new header for her lovely book blog, a blog button to match it and a rating system to match any theme, basically. { Which is a good idea unless you’re cool with hiring someone to build a new one for every new theme, by the way. That’s just some friendly advice 🙂 .}

The original plan for the image changed, and I’m happy we went with this other concept instead. I like the mix of vector art and real elements, plus the historical mesh feel of this is awesome if you ask me. And yes, this is yet another print screen, it’s sexy admit it 😀

Once we had the header all figured out, she did an awesome job adjusting the rest of her theme to the header’s color scheme, and I’m really loving this light look. The rating system was cool too, you need to head on over to her book blog and read a review to see it in action sometime during the next few days.

So yeeey for a job well done 😀

And since I mentioned it above, I’ll give you a full run on the changes in my prices. I’ve separated out the graphic from the code-smexy part of a theme, and listed all extra elements I could think of. This way, you guys can get a mix and match of whatever fix you need for your theme. I mean, a whole new theme is of course what I’d advice just for the little things (or bigger ones, depending on how much code-savvy you are) that can go freaky on you, but you can spruce up your look with a new this or that instead, you know?

It’s all listed on my Products & Prices tab in the above drop-down menu, or in the pages menu in the sidebar. If you want me, I’m all yours! xD

P.S.: After working for a fabulous theme for someone, the commission ended up being canceled, and the theme ended up on my book blog instead 😀 Face it, you love the puffy blue galore of my new and smexed up Butterfly-o-Meter Books . You know what the problem is, when you can do design work for blog themes you’ll always but always itch to redo your own blogs most likely. Especially the book blog suffers my creative tsunamis, this theme over here is doing just fine. Hmmm… I wonder why? lol.

On to the next!

For Sale: Custom Header Image – Books in the Cloudy Sky : 8,99 $

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Hey again guys! So, this is the deal. I made this header, but I didn’t end up using it for what I’d done it. You know how it is, you change your mind at the last moment…meh.

So I’m putting it on sale for 8,99 $ if any of you wants it. The original image is at 970 x 450 px size, it can be resized to fit smaller sizes, just let me know what size you need and it can be fixed. Your blog’s name and/or motto will be added to it by me, also the size will be fixed to fit your desires.
Comment on this post or use the contact form or email me about it if you want the header. If you comment on the post be sure to write in your email address and I’ll contact you to set everything up. Cool?

As a quick reminder, I’ve also got this Blogger theme on sale still, for 14,99 $ , in case any of your like it, it can also be modified somewhat to fit your desires, be added a header image or your picture in it by me in the same sum, also installed if you’d like. Again, comment here or on the theme’s post (click the image to reach it) to say if you’d like it, leave me your email address with the comment and we’ll talk shop 😀

Thanks guys!