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WordPress Customization: GL Tomas

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Hey guys!
Today we’re talking about GL Tomas‘s place.

GL Tomas

Guinevere and Libertad wanted a light, blur/purple professional looking theme on the minimalist side for their author pseudonym, GL Tomas. I loved working on this project, and almost regretted not keeping the background image for myself, lol! That’s part of the process when designing. You gotta let go, sigh. Here’s what came out of our collab:

gl tomas 2

The girls got a Basic WordPress Customization, and we used the awesome Twenty Twelve as basis for the design, plus a couple extra icons and a slider plugin installation.
It was a pleasure working with them 🙂

Talk soon!

WordPress Customization: Jane Ederlyn

Categories: banner, basic wordpress, completed designs, content, custom background, custom basic header, icons, wordpress theme


So, let’s talk about another fun project I’ve been fiddling with, it’s Jane Ederlyn‘s virtual home 😀
Jane & Ederlyn had a really cool, clean, minimalist South Florida-esque vibe they wanted for their theme, and I had fun working on it. This is what came out:

jane ederlyn

Fun, right? A Basic WordPress Customization (this one on the Responsive Theme ) can do any virtual home justice, I think. I’ve worked on some content & plugins too, it’s been awesome working with them 😀


WordPress Customization: Sheena Snow

Categories: basic wordpress, completed designs, custom background, header, stickers, text stickers

Hey guys!

Today we’re talking about the theme I’ve worked on with Sheena for her author website slash blog, Sheena Snow.
She had this awesome vision of a natural looking, minimalist storm, lightening going on 😀 Here’s what came out:

sheena snow

Fun, right? You should go see it live in all its glory, so you’ll the cover of her upcoming novel too (covergasm cover, lemme tell you!).
Sheena got the Basic WordPress Customization which we did on the Responsive Theme, plus a sticker for he blog section, some other stickers you can see on her first page. Plus she’s my first minion *mwahahaha* meaning I’m also her host 😀