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WordPress Customization: Jane Ederlyn

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So, let’s talk about another fun project I’ve been fiddling with, it’s Jane Ederlyn‘s virtual home 😀
Jane & Ederlyn had a really cool, clean, minimalist South Florida-esque vibe they wanted for their theme, and I had fun working on it. This is what came out:

jane ederlyn

Fun, right? A Basic WordPress Customization (this one on the Responsive Theme ) can do any virtual home justice, I think. I’ve worked on some content & plugins too, it’s been awesome working with them 😀


WordPress Customization: Custom Community for Rachel Van Dyken & Ebook Cover News

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So, today we’re gonna talk a bit about a project I’ve been working for a while. My friend Angie contacted me a while back about working on a project for one of the awesome people she works with, Rachel Van Dyken. You know Rachel, she’s the author of the phenomenal The Bet novel, a huge bestseller (she’s also written lots of other works, by the way, check her out on Goodreads if you haven’t already!).

I was thrilled to work on this project, and I’m very happy to tell you the site is up and running now in all its minimalist, teal & white glory. Also helps that Rachel is gorgeous, see that header image there? Yeah, that’s how gorgeous she looks. Beautiful and so very talented!
Anyway, this is what her new place looks like:

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