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Blogger Theme: La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books

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Hey guys!

La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books

Today we’re talking about the lovely Katiria and her La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books blog.

Katiria got a Basic Blogger with a 1 – 5 rating system. I loved her choice of color combos, it’s also one of my favs, and I had a lot of fun working on this project. Katiria was lovely to work with and I’m happy to say she loved the results xDD
You should totally go over to her place and see it all live!

Talk soon!

WordPress Customization: Tweak Me for Brittersweet Reads

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Hey guys! Missed me, huh? I missed you! <3 Wow, it's been uber-long since we've chatted last, huh? I have been doing minor designing here and there since we talked last, but nothing major and somehow I never got around to post about those projects here. Truth be told, I've been super-busy with the writing/translating/reading&book-blogging part of my life, and Ps play took a backseat for a while. And God, I missed it!! So it feels good to be back. I mean, I never left, but you know...:D Today we're talking about the awesome fun I've had with Britt from the newly-named Brittersweet Reads. You know Britt, she’s the Bookworm we’ve talked about a while back – her blog used to be Please Feed the Bookworm.

Brittersweet Reads

In the meantime, she’s moved to WordPress, and chose the fabulous Tweak Me as basis. The fab Nose Graze “translated” Britt’s design into her uber-easy-to-customize-and-enjoy theme. But then Britt went on a hiatus for a bit, and when she came back the shiny new Brittersweet Reads was born. Britt wanted to revamp her style, and being the lovely creature that she is, she wanted us to work together on her new style – ofc still using the kickass Tweak Me theme. And work we did xDDD Feast your eyes on the results!

Britt got a new custom header, background, post divider, sidebar description image, rating system, blog button and some minor tweaks here and there to go with the shiny new goods.
It’s always fun to work with Britt, there’s just something bubbly and super fun about her, you know? Plus we totally geed out, jedi style xDDD
And she wanted her new look to reflect the royal bookworm-ness of her soul and all sorts of topics she’s gonna talk about, in sparkly awesomeness too. I’m kinna loving the results, tbh.
Please do visit the Brittersweet Reads to see it all in its shiny glory xDDD

Talk soon!

Blogger Theme: The Book Dancer

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The Book Dancer

Hey guys!
Wow, I am so excited to tell you about the awesome ballerina project I’ve worked on with Jazzie @ The Book Dancer xD I have a secret love of ballerinas, hehe, and this was my first ballerina project ever 😀 I totally fangirled over the idea as soon as Jazzie talked to me about her vision.
This is what came out:

the book dancer

Jazzie got the Basic Blogger + Custom Header and a rating system, and while it took me longer than it normally does to come up with the design, I freaking loved every moment of it 😀 And she’s loving her new look too, she talked about it here 😀

Go over to her awesome blog and see it all live!
We’ll talk soon, with some equally exciting (for me, at least, lol!) news!

Blogger Theme: The Book’s Buzz & some Bookworm remixes xD

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The Book's Buzz

Hey guys!
Sooo, today we’re gonna talk about a really fun, upbeat project I’ve been working on for Alex @ The Book’s Buzz. She had this bee-centered idea of a foresty look, bright, fun, and bubbly (like her personality xDDD). This is what came out:

the book's buzz

Fun, right? xDDD I had a blast working on this project, and so did Alex, she even talks about it here 😀

Alex got the Basic Blogger with a custom header, rating system, post sticker, and a slider. It was super fun to work on that mascot bee you can see in the header, and I got a kick out of working on this sort of nature-centered theme 😀 I’ve been blessed to work on some very diverse themes lately, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about it. Diversity is the spice of life 😀

Please Feed the Bookworm Remix-ish

Please Feed the Bookworm

You guys remember Britt @ Please Feed the Bookworm, right?
Her fabulous self wanted us to go back to a more bookworm look for her header, as a result we reworked the original caterpillar into a proper worm, lol, munching out of a book to boot 😀 She also got a blog button to go with the new custom header and a post signature 😀

please feed the bookworm 2

You guys should go check them all live in all their glory, har~har!

Talk to ya’ll soon!