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Blogger Theme: DJ’s Book Corner

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Hey guys!
I’m really excited to tell you about a project I’ve been working on for DJ @ DJ’s Book Corner. She had this incredibly amazeballs idea of a graffiti theme, with some really cool visual elements, and I had a blast working on it for sure.
Here’s the result:

dj's book corner

DJ got the Blogger Basic, a custom header, drop-down menu, post signature and rating system. She was totally awesome to work with, really cool about my suggestions, and with a real clear idea of the kind of look she wanted to get, had lots of samples to show me so I could a really good idea what her vision was. I’m thrilled to say she loved the outcome, and I kind of love it too 😀

Go see it live in all its graffiti glory, y’all!

Blogger Theme: Once Upon a Book

Categories: basic blogger, blog buttons, Blogger theme, completed designs, custom header, icons, rating system, text stickers
Once Upon a Book

Hello there!
Today we’re talking about Vera’s theme @ Once Upon A Book. Vera’s idea for her theme was simply kickass, this epic, sort of mystic feel to it, with a dragon, a queen (turned sorceress, in the end xD), and a magic feel to it, like a story transporting you into another world.
Take a looksie at what came out…

once upon a book

Fun, right? Vera got the Basic Blogger, Custom Header, Post Signature, and a Gkey fun rating system to boot, all in an epic yet not overdone style on purples. She was a blast to work with, we started with an idea and worked it into her vision come true xD Very fun to work with her, I had a great time while we were fiddling xD She talked about the experience here (*hugs Vera*).

You guys go see it live in all its epic-like glory xDD

Blogger Theme: Paradise of Pages

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Hey guys!
Today we’re talking about Amber’s Paradise of Pages, a fey featured theme I had an absolute blast working on 😀

Amber knew exactly what she wanted, and after a short chat we were on the same page and totally ready to roll and make her vision materialize. Here’s what came out:

paradise of pages

Amber got the Basic, custom header, cute fey rating system & a new layout Twitter profile header. Her idea of fey-ish whimsy in a combo of colors was awesome to play with, and I loved working on this semi-darkish look. I’d been missing working on something a bit darker as far as palette goes. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with all colors, but every now and then my heart will long for some darker tones, lol 😀

Anyways, go to her nook blog to see it live in all its glory. She talked about the new look here too 😀

Blogger Theme: Please Feed the Bookworm

Categories: basic blogger, blog buttons, completed designs, custom background, custom header, icons, post divider, rating system, stickers, text stickers

Please Feed the Bookworm
Hey guys!
Every once in a while, I’ll get the kind of theme for a commission that I haven’t had the pleasure to work on before! Which, of course, I always love 😀 The unexplored grounds, the graphic land where I haven’t been before, the excitement… 😀 Okay, enough of my geeking about, let’s talk Brittany @ Please Feed the Bookworm‘s theme, lol!

please feed the bookworm

Brittany had this awesome, whimsical, colorful, fun idea of a bookworm – which is her Protectorus 😀 Very fun to play with, great, lively elements to put together 😀 What came out is a theme that I feel really suits her personality, because she’s just this upbeat, utter joy to talk to.

Brittany got the Basic Blogger, plus some Add-ons like custom header, post divider, About Me sidebar sticker, and a fab ‘shrooms rating system.

I had a blast working with her and she talked about the process here and here 🙂

Go see it all live in all its glory!

Talk soon 😀