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Blogger Customization: SkyBlue for Masquerade Book Tours

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Masquerade Book Tours

Hey guys!
Today we’re talking about a real fun project I worked on for Diantha’s Masquerade Book Tours. Obviously, there’s a masquerade motive going on, and I’ve had a great time working on it. Diantha wanted the awesome Johanes Djogan‘s SkyBlue theme customized, and I for one feel it works awesome for her needs.

Take a looksie at what came out…
masquerade bt

Diantha got a Basic Blogger, coupled with a customized drop-down menu, custom header, a bunch of text stickers, a few extra buttons, a Twitter old layout header, and a sticker, so lots of goodies, lol. Love the outcome? I hope you do πŸ˜€

Talk soon!

Blogger Theme: Paradise of Pages

Categories: basic blogger, blog buttons, Blogger theme, completed designs, custom header, icons, rating system, text stickers, Twitter header

Hey guys!
Today we’re talking about Amber’s Paradise of Pages, a fey featured theme I had an absolute blast working on πŸ˜€

Amber knew exactly what she wanted, and after a short chat we were on the same page and totally ready to roll and make her vision materialize. Here’s what came out:

paradise of pages

Amber got the Basic, custom header, cute fey rating system & a new layout Twitter profile header. Her idea of fey-ish whimsy in a combo of colors was awesome to play with, and I loved working on this semi-darkish look. I’d been missing working on something a bit darker as far as palette goes. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with all colors, but every now and then my heart will long for some darker tones, lol πŸ˜€

Anyways, go to her nook blog to see it live in all its glory. She talked about the new look here too πŸ˜€

WordPress Tweak Me Customization: The Storybook Kingdom

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Well, hello there lovelies! Happy New Year!
For me, 2014 started off with a bang pretty much! And I’m excited to tell you about a cool project I’ve worked on and (almost πŸ˜€ ) completed {minus two stickers, eheh…}: The Storybook Kingdom.
She even posted about it here (Mariko, it was an absolute delight working on this concept&theme!).

As the title suggests, it’s another customization play on the awesome Ashley’s Tweak Me theme. I know I keep saying this, but it’s a spectacular theme and if you’re a book blogger it’s just what you need, plus all the sexy & customizations to be made to your heart’s content.

The lovely Mariko approached me with this awesome idea, and I finally popped the cherry on a personal favorite visual element as part of a theme: a rainbow, and a castle πŸ˜€ Hurrah, my friends, hurrah! I has a blast working on this project because she gave me such an awesome, sweet fairytale vibe and I ran with that for the theme. Voila the results in all their glory:

the storybook kingdom theme
(yes, screen cap of doom returns in 2014, lol!)

the storybook kingdom facebook
Adorable, right? πŸ˜€ She got the Basic WordPress Customization (that included the five social icons you see up there in all their pink/blue glory, blog button, 5 text post stickers), custom header, post signature, plus rating system of tiara-awesomesauceness.
the storybook kingdom twiter
And because Mariko isn’t the type to settle for less, she went out pretty much full force and got herself some social media look coordination too, with Facebook cover image and Twitter profile header.

Go over to her lovely blog to check it all out live and show her some love, my dears! And brace yourselves for some more visual goodies bragging coming soon, lol πŸ˜€

Blogger Theme: Rather Barefoot Than Bookless

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Hey guys! Happy New Year since it’s the first time we talk in 2013! I hope this will be a wonderful year for all of you, I wish you all my best!
And now I’m excited to tell you about the new dark delight design for the lovely Sandra & Cecilia over at Rather Barefoot Than Bookless.

They had this awesome concept to begin with, I was entirely excited to work on it. I loved that they wanted something realistic and sophisticatedΒ and they did something really amazing – they gave me a book cover as mood/effect inspiration. I loved that, I might begin to ask you all for such inspiration from now on, lol. It just really works for me to have a ‘feel’ of what it is you’d like. Of course no image composition will be reworked into a theme, but having a visual of the ‘feel’ of what you want your theme to have helps lots I think. I’m positive it did here.

I won’t lie, the fact they wanted a dark theme was in itself a joy, I can’t help loving them πŸ˜€
They got a Basic, a Custom Header, post divider and signatures for the both of them, an extra avatar-size of the blog button and a Twitter header.
The results? Behold:

Lovely, isn’t it? I do think so, I must admit. They were sweet enough to post about it too, you can read about it here. They were awesome to work with and I’m very happy they love their new look and I hope it’ll bring them luck for this year. xD

On to the next!