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WordPress Customization: Jane Ederlyn

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So, let’s talk about another fun project I’ve been fiddling with, it’s Jane Ederlyn‘s virtual home 😀
Jane & Ederlyn had a really cool, clean, minimalist South Florida-esque vibe they wanted for their theme, and I had fun working on it. This is what came out:

jane ederlyn

Fun, right? A Basic WordPress Customization (this one on the Responsive Theme ) can do any virtual home justice, I think. I’ve worked on some content & plugins too, it’s been awesome working with them 😀


WordPress Customization: Lost in Literature

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Hey guys! Can you believe it’s April already? Geez, where does the time go right? But anyway…
Today we’re talking about the spectacular owlicious Tweak Me customization for Lisa @ Lost in Literature.
As fellow owlicious enthusiasts, we got each other and worked uber awesomely together, which of course resulted in:

lost in literature
lost in literature rs

Lisa had this awesome vintage-y idea, with owls and color and I love the results. I based a lot of the playful, bubbly quality of her theme on our interaction and her own bubbly, awesomesauce personality.

She got the Basic WordPress Customization, a custom header, two post signatures and an owlsmexeh rating system, of which you can see the integer ratings on the right.
I mean, come on, aren’t they adorable? With their wide eyes and awesome outfits and all? I’m nuts over owls, can you tell, lol?

She was entirely amazing to work with, and I had a total blast the whole time.
Head on over to Lost in Literature to see the whole smexeh up live 🙂

WordPress Customization: YA Midnight Reads

Categories: basic wordpress, completed designs, header, rating system, text stickers, wordpress theme

Hey guys!
Today we’re talking about the new look of YA Midnight Reads, where Melanie has expanded the family to include co-bloggers Celine & Larissa! Yeeey! I love blogs that keep growing and expanding their bloggy families 😀
You remember Melanie from our first chat about her blog theme, at the time a Blogger-based one.

They thought about a new look for their home, and I’m thrilled to show you what we came up with:

ya midnight reads II

I loved working on this theme and the dreamy feel the girls has in mind. They got a Basic WordPress Customization (on a theme structure by the awesome Ashley of Creative Whim) with a new rating system.
Go over to YA Midnight Reads and see it live 🙂

WordPress Tweak Me Customization: The Storybook Kingdom

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Well, hello there lovelies! Happy New Year!
For me, 2014 started off with a bang pretty much! And I’m excited to tell you about a cool project I’ve worked on and (almost 😀 ) completed {minus two stickers, eheh…}: The Storybook Kingdom.
She even posted about it here (Mariko, it was an absolute delight working on this concept&theme!).

As the title suggests, it’s another customization play on the awesome Ashley’s Tweak Me theme. I know I keep saying this, but it’s a spectacular theme and if you’re a book blogger it’s just what you need, plus all the sexy & customizations to be made to your heart’s content.

The lovely Mariko approached me with this awesome idea, and I finally popped the cherry on a personal favorite visual element as part of a theme: a rainbow, and a castle 😀 Hurrah, my friends, hurrah! I has a blast working on this project because she gave me such an awesome, sweet fairytale vibe and I ran with that for the theme. Voila the results in all their glory:

the storybook kingdom theme
(yes, screen cap of doom returns in 2014, lol!)

the storybook kingdom facebook
Adorable, right? 😀 She got the Basic WordPress Customization (that included the five social icons you see up there in all their pink/blue glory, blog button, 5 text post stickers), custom header, post signature, plus rating system of tiara-awesomesauceness.
the storybook kingdom twiter
And because Mariko isn’t the type to settle for less, she went out pretty much full force and got herself some social media look coordination too, with Facebook cover image and Twitter profile header.

Go over to her lovely blog to check it all out live and show her some love, my dears! And brace yourselves for some more visual goodies bragging coming soon, lol 😀