Wanna get some gfx done? Email and tell me all about it, OR, if you prefer, use this form.

Working Hours:

Monday – Friday, reasonable time frames

– If it seems it’s taking me too long to reply, keep in mind I live in another time zone (Europe), so there might be some delays over that.
– If you message/email me during the weekend, I’ll get back to you first thing Monday morning 🙂

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  1. Casey

    Hello There,

    My names Casey. I was forwarded to you by Savannah at Books with bite. I own a review blog called I am contacting you today because I am looking for someone to create a whole new website for me. My new production company are called The Bitter productions (Bitter Films) and basically we make book trailers and all sorts of video related stuff for books. We are only situated on youtube at the moment and want to branch out ( basically we want a webite for the bitter films so we have a base and somewhere where publishers or indie authors can get in touch with us as well as a logo, also just to post news of what we have coming next etc… I am thinking maybe creating it on wordpress? I hear its better than blogger am I wrong? I was looking at your website and its amazing! I would love something like this… SO what do you think? could you help us?

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