Ebook Covers

Ebook Covers

I’ve now expanded my services to include ebook covers. I do my own, and figure if you need/want someone to do yours as well, I’m at your service.

Prices differ based on the number of hours I need to work on the cover:
– 5 hours and under: $64.99
– over 5 hours: $64.99 + $13/hour starting the 6th hour

Working on a cover can be anything from 3 to however many it takes to make you the smexeh thing you want. My covers, for instance, that you can see as samples on this page, took 5 hours or less to make.
We’ll decide on the stock to be used together, I’ll give you a mock-up of the concept I’ll come up with, you can yey or ney it and I’ll come up with another one, then when you yey that I’ll start the finishing process on it.

I’m not an illustrator, I offer services of cover making with using stock photos I’ll manipulate. I have experience with photo manipulation. I can do any style, including vector art if that’s what floats your boat. We’ll discuss the genre and age group your work is aimed at, maybe some details about the story, so be sure to have these things clear before contacting me. I’ll work on the info you give me, plus my own ideas & etcs. I can also wing stuff, if you want me to.

Please be aware what prices you see here include my work only, not the cost of stock images to be used (especially for covers, this makes a big difference). I will look up stock to be used, we’ll do the decisions together, I’ll get and use it, but the cost will be extra to these prices.

As with themes, based on the commission’s brief I’ll give you an estimate on the prices, after we settle on the stock(s) we’ll use, you send a non-refundable 50% advance before I start working, and the rest of it to be paid once we’re done. I will redo concepts, change the direction we’re going into, start from scratch with new stock if you so wish, but keep in mind the hours of work on the project will be counted.

If at any time you wish to drop the commission, my work that far will be covered by the nonrefundable advance, and I’ll wish you good luck on finding what you wished for someplace else. I’ll recommend someone if I think I know a designer who’d match what you’re looking for 🙂

If you wanna talk about a project, drop me a line through the Contact page or email me and I’ll get back to you about it.