Ebook Formatting

I’ve self-published 2 novels by now (Dec 2014), and did the formatting myself for Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords (made Premium catalog without a hitch with each novel), and did *.Epub and *.mobi for All Romance Ebooks.
It was a nightmare, lol, even knowing what to do and how and all. So I thought some of you indie authors out there might like someone to take this tedious task off your hands.

Because I’m addressing this service to self-pub authors of fiction, I have a few rules to state before the price:
– fiction works only
– manuscripts containing simple text only, no images embedded or foot/endnotes (these require special formatting I haven’t tried myself since I never need them, and I’m only offering to do things I’ve done and checked the results myself)
Price: $60
My formatting includes:
– italic and bold text conservation
– consistent formatting for book sections (title page, legal notes, note from author, ToC, dedication, glossary, chapters, about the author etc)
– sections start on new page
– linked Table of Contents
– links to author website, social media, etc at author’s request
– custom colors for Chapter headings and links (they only show on reading devices that allow color)
What I’ll need from you:
– manuscript in *.doc format in the absolute final shape ie all the info you want your readers to see (title page, legal notes, dedication, notes from the author, about the author, anything and everything)
– page breaks before sections that you want separated (by repeated enter or any method, don’t worry about how it will reflect on the final files – let me worry about that)
– some consultation regarding your options after I review the initial file
– up to 48 hours to work on formatting
– you looking over the epub/mobi files to make sure things look as you wanted them, and previewing the html file on KDP before hitting Publish to make sure it looks as you wanted
What you’ll get from me:
– the final files to upload to Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords and the *.Epub and *.mobi for sellers like All Romance Ebooks (4 files: html, doc, epub and mobi)
– re-work should there by any issue (like being rejected from the Smashwords Premium Catalog or encountering issues while previewing your file before publishing on Amazon)
If you’d like to see my formatting for yourself, contact me about it and I’ll send you the mobi and epub files, and you can download the sample from KDP and Smashwords to your reader to see those as well.