Setup/Content Items

Setup/Content Items:

Blogger / blog setup:  $39.99 
(Includes setting up your new blog, without content setup or theme design! The Blogger blog can be set up to a custom domain your already have, or to a free blogspot domain.
At the end you get your login details and a brand new (blank ie no content) blog. Enjoy! xD If you’d like me to set up content for you, or design your new blog’s theme, look for the Content Setup or Design Items items.)
Content Setup:  $9.99  + $9.99/hour
(Includes setting up the content you have in mind, graphics and/or text. If you already have the graphics, we’ll use them – you must have proper rights of use though, keep in mine! – , or I can make it for you, depending on what Design item it suits the price of the item will be added to that of the content setup.
Text content must be ready and done for me to set up for you, that means you’ve come up with it already by the time you contact me to set it up on your blog.)
Blogger to WordPress Migration / platform setup:  $39.99 
  (Includes transferring your content, redirecting old domain to new one & individual post links. Contact me for details. Request this service only if you already have secured hosting and the domain for your new WordPress blog!)
WordPress Hosting for your new Domain:  $3.99/month available in 6 months packs
  (GoDaddy Deluxe hosting – unlimited disk space & bandwidth; limited spots. Request this service only if you own your domain. This service covers only hosting expenses, domain expenses are your own and concern you only!)
Consulting on any Blogger/Wordpress platform/use issue:  $9.99/hour available in full hour packs (ie 1 h, 2 h, etc)
  (Have any Blogger/Wordpress platform use issue or something about it confuses you? Tell me all about it, I’ll look for answers, be by your side as you implement the solutions we’ve found, help you out any way I can as you learn to use your platform to the best of its ability! This is a different service from solving any of your issues myself, bear in mind! For that service, look at the Troubleshooting one on the Design Items page.
We convene on a time for both of us to be online, and chat (via email, Yahoo Messenger, Skype if that’s what you’d prefer) back and forth until the problem is solved, however long it takes.)