Terms & Conditions


Materials Used:

Unless you provide specific materials that you must have proper rights of use for, I will use either stock photos of my own, or we’ll discuss buying some for your project. The cost of said materials isn’t included in my prices, those cover only my work for you.

Work MO:

When commissioning a theme or any of the items I offer, you’ll fill a form about it that will be my design brief. Once it’s filled and we’re both clear on what you want and the direction we’re going in, it’s time to send over the advance and I’ll get started as soon as it’s paid.
I’ll contact you with the stuff to look at, and you’ll see these changes on a live blog, on which I’ll ask feedback from you. Make sure it’s final info you get back to me with.


Once I’ve read the design brief, I’ll come up with a concept that you’ll green light before I go to work on.
Every item you order comes with a max 1 major edit and max 3 minor edit policy, and once you request edits/changes/redo I’ll let you know if that edit is major or not. Minor edits are changes to things like font color, font size, font style, color of a visual element or placement, that sort of thing.
Make final decisions on edits/changes you want to request then communicate to me.
If the max 1 major edit and/or 3 minor edits have been used up, yet you still desire major/minor edits on one item from the commission, you’ll be charged with the cost of another such item, which comes with a new set of max/minor major edits policy.

Payment Options:

All payments will be made through PayPal.
A 50% of the total commission’s cost as nonrefundable advance before I start the actual graphic work on your commission, the rest to be paid when we’ve reached the end result, but before I install it or send it over to you sans watermarks.

If for any reason you’ll want to postpone the commission, you just have to let me know and we’ll resume work on it at the time convenient to you.
You can add more items to the initial commission as we go, but please try to think about it and mention it all to begin with. These things impact how I work on each item, new items could mean new overall concept. 🙂


If you don’t want the end result, or cancel the commission while I work on it at any time and for whatever reason, the advance will not be refunded – I will have spent a considerable amount of time and effort on working for you, something you’ll know of through our consistent communication and the results you’ll have seen that far.


All designs are owned by Butterfly-o-Meter Designs as their creator. The client is granted permission to use these creations as they best see fit on the designated domain or on social media profiles connected to it. The client is not allowed to sell any of the items provided or reuse edited versions by someone other than the copyright owner without being granted permission by Butterfly-o-Meter Designs. A link will be placed somewhere on the blog leading to this domain, specifying the design is Butterfly-o-Meter Designs’s.



By requesting Butterfly-o-Meter Designs hosting, you grant Butterfly-o-Meter Designs access to your data for uploading/hosting purposes. You thereby accept the fact you own rights and permissions to make use of whatever materials you upload yourself while you’re hosted, and acknowledge Butterfly-o-Meter Designs’s right to delete either materials or your data should any copyright infringement/illicit use be determined. You agree to read & follow GoDaddy’s Legal Agreement terms and are aware that by not abiding you will determine deletion of your files and termination of our hosting agreement.


Butterfly-o-Meter Designs hosting comes in 6 months packs. You can purchase one or more at any one time. One month prior to the 6 months term ending, you will be contact by Butterfly-o-Meter Designs and notified, asking if you desire to prolong the hosting by another one (or more) 6 months pack. Should you fail to reply to that notice until the 6 months term ends, your data will be deleted and the hosting agreement terminated. In that time you are responsible for saving copies of your data and/or preparing all your info for transfer to another hosting. No more than a week after the hosting period has ended, all your info will be deleted from Butterfly-o-Meter Designs servers, without saving copies, and your domain will no longer be hosted on our servers.


Have any additional questions about ordering or the items? Ask away! That’s what I’m here for. Use the contact form to ask them or email me directly, and I’ll get back to you asap with all the answers and clarifications you need.

Please keep in mind this is meant for potential commissions that I’d work on though, not trivia questions about blog things/issues.

If you have any questions/issues with your blog that you want advice on but have nothing to do with commissioning work from me, search Google for a tutorial/article on that. I guarantee the answer is out there, you just have to search for it, find it, read it and use it.

As long as you invest me with the trust of making your vision come to life, you can bet I’ll give it my best to get us there.