Well, odd as it may be to gather praises and such for myself, I figure you should know what others thought of my charming services. 😀
So, without further ado, I give you the testimonial(s):

Book Blogger Special: Book Briefs

Michelle says:
I told her the basic idea of what I wanted and we tossed some ideas back and forth and she got right to work. The whole thing from start to finish took under 10 days! I could not believe it. She is so nice and has such great ideas!

She re-did everything for me! She made a completely new, and awesome, design for Book Briefs. The design came with anything and everything I could think of throwing at her. She made social media icons, the header, blog button, signature, related posts, a new gavel rating system for my reviews, and stickers for my reviews and giveaways! 

[…] The sky is the limit- she will do anything you want her to! I loved working with her! 

Of course, she’d think so, she’s a whole lotta awesome herself, and it has been a great pleasure working with her! 

Book Blogger Special: The Magic Attic

Bree says:Livia was amazing. She put up with my indecisiveness, and helped me come up with great ideas. She made me stickers, social media icons, a rating system, and anything and everything else I wanted. The result was no less than amazing as well – its perfect! Honestly, I can’t thank her enough!

She’s a sweetheart, and I’m very very happy that’s how she feels. *hugs Bree*

Book Blogger Special: -Love of Books-

Christy says:My blog has a new outfit!  Doesn’t she look pretty?  Tell her how pretty she looks.  Tell her.  Now!

I’m teasing.  Seriously though, thanks, Livia @ Butterfly-o-Meter Designs

Thank you for awesome fun experience of practically being a team! This was team work all around, so I can’t really take all the merits for the lovely outcome. Working with kindred spirits is a pleasure!

Blogger Design: -Cece’s Reading & Writing Safari-

Here’s what Cece said:Have you ever worked with someone, and you feel as if you are working with your best friend, instead of someone who you just met? That is how it felt, working with Livia. I really admire her patience, despite me having lots of ideas on how I wanted my template to look like. And she made it work,exactly like I wanted it to be.  She kept in contact every step of the way, consulted with me and made very useful suggestions especially when I felt stuck and couldn’t decide what to do. I have to admit it’s been a while since I had so much fun as I did working with her.If you are searching for a funky, template designer who is patient, has a sense of humor, then look no further. I found my midas-touch designer who I’d say is the best. With just a touch, my blog turned to gold. 

I loved working with Cece, we were like instant friends! She’s totally awesome-sauce, and she’s rocking her new theme so be sure to go over her blog and check her out!