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So, you’d like to be interviews at Butterfly-o-Meter Books? There are actually 3 ways that could happen:
❤ I send you the 21 Questions interview (standard list of questions out of which you’ll have to reply to at least 21)
After I read the book you’re promoing, we do the Focus interview (I send you few questions, about 10, more or less) that focus on that title and some future projects
❤ The eAuthor spotlight (mostly retired now, though)

Email me to talk about your options. What we don’t do is published “selfies” ie self-interviews, so if that’s what you were looking for, sorry 🙁

eAuthor Spotlights

Welcome to my new feature, the E-book Author Spotlight !
You may have some questions about it, so I tried my best to think up the answers. If there’s something you’re curious about, and you haven’t found the answer lower, don’t hesitate to contact me about it.

❤ Is it “e-book authors” only? Why?
At the moment, it is e-book authors only.
The reason is not some personal desire to promote traditional writers less, but the simple fact that all the authors that have contacted me for reviews so far are e-book authors, or have an e-book version of their work alongside the traditional one.
I hope to expand the feature to all sorts of books, if all goes well.

❤ Is the Spotlight only destined for authors that have contacted Butterfly-o-Meter Books for a review?
Well, again, at the moment yes. Authors are eligible for the Spotlight only if I have already published a review of their work.
This is a young-ish blog (started March 15th, 2011), so I haven’t had the pleasure to interact with a lot of writers; those that I’ve had the pleasure to interact with, I want to give the appropriate attention.
Future reference, I intend to develop it into any and all authors.

❤ What exactly does the Spotlight mean, and what is it made of?
I’d like to think it’s made of pure win, but I’ll leave it to you guys to be judges of that. The Spotlight is a combo meant to give the author the much deserved attention. It consists of:
+ Author Bio
+ Author Interview
+ Fun Facts
+ E-book Giveaway

The Spotlight is a week-long affair (7 days), meaning the entries for the e-book giveaway will accumulate during a week, 7 days. In that time frame, readers can also comment on the interview with questions that they’d like the author to answer. I will take care to gather all of the questions posed, and will organize other interview(s) based on them, as well as other questions of my own.
If an author I contacted for the Spotlight doesn’t want to organize a giveaway, it’s perfectly alright, it’s not mandatory to sponsor it in order to receive a Spotlight. The other parts though, bio+interview+fun facts are mandatory

❤ Omg, that’s just fabulous!! How do I sign up for a Spotlight?
At the moment, you don’t. You will be contacted by me about it, and you’ll let me know if you want to receive a Spotlight or not. This is a bud project, and my first of the kind, so I want to put together a routine before involving everyone in a by-request Spotlight. Future plans however, it may be open to any and all e-book authors, whether I’ve reviewed their work or not. Just bare with me, it will all come together beautifully…I hope
I will however put up a schedule of Spotlights on this page, with the week dedicated to each author that has agreed to be featured in one.

❤ What kind of questions would the interview have? Is there a form of sorts that the author has to fill out?
Of course! Be afraid, be very afraid! Well, maybe not so much.
The list of questions will be sent to each author; they can answer all or just part of them, by their own choice. They can make it a funny interview or a serious one, their choice altogether.
At their choice as well, I could provide a guide to the interview and the fun facts section. Yes, I can come up with that, I’m a trained sociologist, putting together interviews/questionnaires and guides for them is part of my basic training – and I’ll probably phail at it, buuuuut oh well…

Ok, so, for now, this is all. The schedule of future Spotlights, and hopefully the first one will show up as soon as they’ve been put together. Check back here for more info!

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Aside my eAuthor Spotlights I’ll be doing regular interviews with or without giveaways as parts of virtual blog tours and such author appearances; when the Spotlight will be part of such a tour, you’ll find a hint to it in the post itself.

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