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“If you can’t find me on Twitter or my blog: look in our garden: I surely am jumping on the trampoline with the worlds best husbands children or hunt the latest weeds in our flowerbeds. Have also been seen with a mug of tea in one hand and “The Lord of the Rings” or “The hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in the other (I am joking I also read other books just visit me on Goodreads). And never without music. Unless I am at work…”

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You’ll meet Bee on the Bee on Books feature, first Thursday of every month. I’m totally looking forward to having her first Butterfly review here on the blog, and it’s gonna happen in May.
Update 1: The Bee on Books feature has retired as of November 2015.
Update 2: The Bee on Books feature returns as of August/September 2017, as a once every two months feature on the last Saturday of the month.



You may know this awesome gal from her book blog, Celestial Reviews.
You’ll find Brooklynn here on the blog every Sunday starting late April, with her new feature called Brooklynn’s Butterflies, an on and off feature.



“I read so I can live more than one life in more than one place.” – Anne Tyler
I couldn’t have said that better myself! Reading is huge passion of mine. And I’m glad that books not only expand my world view but that they bring the wonderful people who created them into my life. You can always find me with a book and an eclectic mix of music on. I am a HEA junkie extraordinaire! I am a Beta reader, who loves helping authors bring their characters to life. As well as an avid romance reader (every and anything ;D) turned aspiring author.

Starting January 2015, Rissa has taken over the Indie Flutters feature here on Butterfly-o-Meter Books! Also, starting January 2015 Rissa launched the new YA/NA focused feature, Blossoms & Flutters 🙂

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And, of course, your old host…


Book lover, customizations OCD-er and list-lover extraordinaire. Unrepentant coffee addict, smutty romance and sexy bad boys/villains lover of doom.
I read, I write, I spamificate — therefore I am.

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My passport tells everyone my name is Madiha, but anyone who’s ever spoken to me has called me Maddy. I’m a high school junior who will do anything to get my hands on the latest book written by Laini Taylor and maybe a Snickers bar. I adore Young Adult Literature and consider myself a YA enthusiast going borderline obsessive. For me, the best smell in the world is the smell of new books, though the smell of chocolate would suffice. When I’m not plotting on which protagonist to kill next for having an amazing an amazing boyfriend, you can find me trying to learn the basics of web designing or maybe book and chocolate shopping, because for me, there is nothing better in the entire world than to be curled up eating chocolate while reading your favorite book.

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You’ll find Maddy on the blog every Saturday, talking about YA books & doing the occasional discussion on YA themes via the Symphony of YA Butterflies. Feature retired as of 2014.



And finally, you can expect Shurrn to bring on the smexeh every Monday with her awesomesauce indie-dedicated feature Indie Flutters. Feature taken over by Rissa as of January 2015.
Yep, that’s right, indie dedicated! I’m thrilled to say self-published authors & all others of course are more than welcome to request reviews of their titles.
Shurrn is the creator and curator of the new and popular blog The Smutsonian, which is dedicated to Erotica.

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