Review: Heart of Glass by Christy Hayes

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     Heart of GlassChristy Hayes; Kindle EditionPublished June 2nd 2011 by Christy HayesWhen magazine writer Kate Donovan is assigned to profile the building and architectural firm of her first and only love, she heads back to the South Carolina Low Country to face the demons she left behind. Nothing about Danny Flannery's life is what Kate thought it would be, and as the truth is revealed she longs for a big fat do-over.Danny's made a success of his building firm but is hesitant to participate in a flashy magazine spread. He's dead-set against Read more [...]

Read-a-thon time!! 24 hours reading marathon ~ Ze End

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So, it has ended. A few hours ago, but now is when I managed to solve my issues and get back to the PC. Anyways, I'll declare I LOVED this read-a-thon, and had a lot of fun. Here's the wrap-up meme:1. Which hour was most daunting for you?~ I'd say hour 13, because about that time my internet connection started going wonky, and no matter what I tried to do, it didn't get back to normal; the notice kept popping up on my screen, and it annoyed to no end, considering I was reading on my PC when it happened. I was already dead tired, when the read-a-thon Read more [...]

Review: Shapes in the Mist (A Vetala Cycle Novel) by G.R. Yeates

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     Shapes in the Mist (A Vetala Cycle Novel)G.R. Yeates; Kindle EditionPublished August 21st 2011London’s most notorious murderer walks its streets once more.Whitechapel, 1917. Jerry Reinhart, an American fighter-pilot, returns to London to convalesce after losing an aerial joust with the German ace, Baron von Richtofen. Sick and unstable, he loses himself in the seedy streets, unaware that he has brought back something unspeakable with him from the Western Front. Something that begins to take on the shape of a killer who was never caught. Read more [...]

Review: Wetter: a short story of horror by Brian Fatah Steele

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    Wetter: a short story of horrorBrian Fatah Steele; Kindle EditionPublished August 1st 2011 by Dark Red PressA Short Story Of Horror - Something came with the rain one night to the town of New Leeds. Something dark that soaked into the earth, the buildings, the people and gave birth to something even darker. Cleaning out his basement, Hollis comes to learn this... and learn something has been born inside him as well.- Goodreads on WetterAs many (or some) of you may already know, I ❤ Brian Fatah Steele's writing, and I'm in the habit of fangirling Read more [...]

Read-a-thon time!! 24 hours reading marathon, here I come *hur~hur*

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So, Dewey's 24H Read-a-Thon has finally arrived. This is gonna be my reading list for this fab event:Yes, I know, reading overkill, considering I only managed to read 4 books max in each of the read-a-thons I did so far. BUT!! I have high hopes for this one. Real high hopes.There's some masterful tactics in this plan; I've read part of the Demons like it hot, so I'll just have to finish it up. I dunno if that's against the rules, if it is I just won't put it up in my final count, but I am going to finish it before starting on the next. Heart of Read more [...]

Review: Fractured Time by Alan Draven

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     Fractured TimeAlan Draven; Paperback, 388 pagesPublished July 4th 2011 by Black Bed Sheet BooksDonovan Vicar is a "feeler"-a man who feels the vibrations of people around him. One October evening on his way home, he bumps into a man that he senses to be particularly evil, and he embarks on a late bus ride to seek him out. As the empty bus leaves the station in foggy Bitternest, Louisiana, Donovan falls asleep. When he wakes up, he is disoriented by what he sees-he is still in Bitternest, only his surroundings seem more primitive and unfamiliar. Read more [...]