Read-Along Weekends with Beck & Livia


Read-Along Weekends with Beck & Livia

We’re Livia @ Butterfly-o-Meter Books and Beck @ Vicariously. We are lovingly known as Leo the Benevolent and Beck the Dictator. 😀

You only need three things to participate in the read-along:
– some kind of copy of the weekly book
– a twitter account
– the will to read a whole book in a week with us!
And if you want to join up on the review link-up on Sundays, you need somewhere you can post your reviews aka the answers to the questions under the rules section. (website, blog, livejournal, etc etc., as long as you have a direct link to your review, anything works.)

If you’re loving this idea, spread the news, grab our button for your blog’s sidebar; the more, the merrier, right?

#RAWBL at BoM Books
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Read-Along  Rules:

  • Join the RAWBL of the week anytime from Saturday 3 PM [GMT] to next Saturday at the same time.
  • Read any sort of copy you have of the title (hardcover, paperback, ebook, audiobook, ARC/review copy if you have it and didn’t get around to it…), we’re all reading it at the same time! This is not a competition, so take your time and enjoy it.
  • Tweet at least once during reading it using the hashgtag #RAWBL , it can be whatever you wanna tweet except a spoiler, lol, we just want to know you’re there with us
  • Posting a review of the read? Let me know and we’ll do a RAWBL Review link-up! Or just post your review’s link in the comments section of mine or the weekly post announcing that title 😀
  • At the end of our read-along week we’ll do reviews, we can use a linky tool or just post your reviews on the post of mine so we can swap opinions and chat about the bookish bliss 😀

    Hope to see you there!

    RAWBL title announcements: [chronological order ~ top is recent]:
    Review Link-ups: [chronological order ~ top is recent]: