Review Policy & Submissions

Update: Review submissions are now OPEN!

If you’d like your title to make an appearance on the blog, contact me about a Book Spotlight or Guest Post and we’ll work out a date. 🙂

❤ I review books I read or by request, ARC or not, for any publisher/writer, and give equal chances to indie and self-published authors as long as they abide by the rules stated on this page and the book tempts me to read it, of course.
❤ The sole criteria for accepting books is if I’m tempted to read them!
❤ When you send in a book for review, please be aware I will review the copy I got, not the idea of the book. It has to be proofed, properly edited and formatted by book-publishing standards.
❤ I get, accept or demand NO monetary benefits from the writers/publishers or anything of the sort.
❤ I don’t edit my thoughts, but I am considerate when expressing them. However I won’t sugarcoat or not state something that’s on my mind. And when it was bad chemistry, I’ll be speaking about it just like I will when it’s good (considerately).
❤ If you don’t read this Policy, I won’t read your book. This will be enforced from now on, no reading and following these specs, no reply.
Repeated shows of not reading or disregarding it will get your email filtered.
❤ After reading these policies meaning the lower spoilers info too, send me a query email about your book/ebook, I’ll get back to you to let you know if I will review it or not so you can send the ebook over. This page contains answers to any related questions you might have, the info is up here to save your and my time so take advantage of that and use it 🙂
You can send emails easily through my email =@ button on my page; I will get back to you asap, probably that day or the next day the latest. Your email address is safe with me, your ebook is safe, our discussions are private and all the rest. I hate spam and stealing.
❤ This Policy is in effect regardless of how you’re sending in a request, via Twitter, Facebook or email alike.
❤ To submit a title for review, visit the Form page from the menu.
Also, please don’t add my email to any of your mailing lists without first consulting me. If I want to subscribe to your newsletter, I have done so or will do so on my own.
Thank you!

My recommendations to you:

Make sure your work is listed on Goodreads before submitting it for me to review. It’s a good place to show off your work, and a very useful tool for book bloggers like myself.
It may happen that I accept your book but the review may show up a considerable amount of time later, or not at all. I may not be tempted to read it in the end, even if it’s sent to me. The fact I accept it is not a guarantee I will read it.

Please be aware:
– I won’t be emailing you with a notice the review is up.
– If you don’t want to subscribe to my blog in any way, which is cool by me, you can set up a Google Alert with your name and/or book title, for instance, and you’ll be pinged every time your name and/or your book’s title, or whatever you set as alert is mentioned on the www.
Or look for a similar option, if you can’t use Google Alerts.
– If we agree to feature your title for a virtual book tour or the likes, I will rate it on the same criteria as any other book I blog about – my chemistry with the read.
Thank you for your understanding!

» Genres:.. «

I’m a very open-minded person and I like to read many sorts of books, we’re talking generally fiction here but not exclusively; if your book is non-fiction though, I must have enough info on the topic to have a relevant opinion and be very interested in that subject that’s not going to be religion/belief system or politics of any kind.

Fiction genres we do:

–  YA, adult, mature, LGBT
– romance & erotica (and any sub-genre thereof: paranormal, sci-fi, dystopia, cyber/steampunk, new gothic, contemporary, suspense, etc) [I’m also into kink, but not into 3 or moresomes or ployamour ];
– urban fantasy 
Be sure to not state it as one thing when in fact it will prove to be another, that’s just gonna be a DNF and I post those too.

Fiction genres we may consider:

–  thriller
– suspense 
– fantasy
– maybe memoirs but less likely

Fiction genres I DON’T do (one of the Butterflies might, but they’re not among our favorites):
– MG (middle grade) or younger books, of any kind
– any religion or politics focused/promoting books
– any do-it/help-yourself sorts of books and guides
– war-centered works – if your work revolves around war/open conflict, or soldiers recovering from war/open conflict situations, I’ll probably turn the title down. I admire soldiers and their honorable, brave, selfless dedication, but the fights themselves I’m not that much down with.

All titles will be considered on a case by case basis.

» Posting reviews:..«

I will NOT contact you when the review has been published. I post my reviews regularly on Goodreads only, generally once a month for the previous reviews.

I will NOT edit my review article if you decide to change things about your title after it has been published – cover, publisher, purchase links, etc.

I will NOT edit the content of my review (though I may leave out parts that aren’t relevant to the topic, like if I’m posting on the e-book the comments on the paperback, if there, might be removed), but I will NOT publish it anywhere else but on my blog & Goodreads.

» Disclaimer:..«

I may and probably will often receive ARC-s, free copies of titles for reviews, and such book-promotional materials. These influence in NO way my thoughts and opinions, and I state the source of my copy in the review on my blog, just to be clear. My thoughts, reactions and opinions are in no way affected by the source of the copy I’ve read. If I’ll ever do sponsored posts, they will be clearly marked as such in a very visible way. But I doubt I’ll do them.

I host book tour stops for titles that I think might be/are interesting, stops that I am NOT compensated for in any way, shape or form; I may receive a free copy of the titles for these stops, but this does not in any way constitute payment.
I include promotional material given to me by the tour organizers, links, author bios and such as part of the tours mentioned, but in following my regular post formats and on my own terms.
When I review for a tour however, I do not let that interfere with my honest thoughts. If you seek by-default big star reviews for your tour stops, this is not the place for you. I will though, out of courtesy, offer to change the nature of the tour stop to something other then review if the title would be a 2 and bellow rating.

Now, I will make this clear, these reviews are completely subjective, personal views and impressions, that I share non-profit oriented. The ratings are of my own, personal, subjective experience related to reading the book. I’m not rating the author or the quality of the book, but my reading experience of it.

Nobody has designated me book critic or book expert, I am not claiming to be any sort of know-it-all or anything near it; if after reading a book, I’m not fangirling over it, I will be honest about the fact that it didn’t work out, for whatever reason. But I do give all books a fair chance, and I generally try to read through the book/series even if I don’t totally love it from page/book one, because if I’m gonna speak about it, I should know about it first. If the title and me just don’t fit, I will drop the read and post on why it didn’t work out, but not rate it.

I will not, however, ever ever hate on a book or a writer, I will not make snide remarks or be an all-around wisea$$ about anyone’s work, you can be sure of that.
I’m happy to discuss anything, but I won’t change my review or my point of view about anything because someone disagrees with it.

When I do a review of the book, or books from a series, ARC and whatnot, I do like to include youtube trailers, writer links, etc.
I will emphasize: “L.E.Olteano is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to“.
I’ve also signed up for the Affiliates program for The Book Depository and Barnes&Noble, in clicking the buy links at the end of posts I get a small monetary gain. These links are posted for any titles discussed, regardless of the rating/type of post etc.

» Review Copy Formats:«

I don’t live in the U.S., but in a faraway strange land called Romania (that’s in Europe), so if you’d like me to review your book, and post that review somewhere, it’s easiest to send me the digital version – pdf, epub, mobi, prc, lit.

I can deal with paperback review copies as well, but you’d have to mail them to me in Europe, which means they might be lost in the mail, they take a week plus to arrive, etc. 🙂

Thank you!

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