The “Bomy the Book Butterfly” aka “Butterfly-o-Meter” Rating System

❤ So, my Bomy the Book Butterfly aka butterfly-o-meter rating system is as fallows:

~ The Bomy Award of Excellence: This is the equivalent of my bookish absolute delight. This is not just a 5+++ butterflies read, this is the life-changing sort of beautiful. It’s that little extra flutter of your heart aside your raving delight in a 5/5 book.

Not just ridiculously good, but freaking perfect!

~ 5 butterflies: Amazing chemistry. I have found bookish bliss while reading this. Everything feels amazing and I’m probably ordering every book ever written by the same author like right now, or 5 minutes ago most likely.

 ~ 4 butterflies: Great chemistry. I was totally on board with almost everything about our interaction, I was hooked and loved every minute of the read. There are probably one or two elements that I’m not entirely crazy with but I am greatly pleased by everything none the less. Bookish sparks are flying…I am most definitely stalking bookstores and getting everything by the same author.

~ 3 butterflies: Good chemistry. Though I wasn’t swept away by aspects of our interaction, I was very into a few of them. This is the beginning of bookish magic, I am very likely to go on reading the rest of the series/other works by the same author from this point forward.

~ 2 butterflies: Some chemistry. I had some emotional involvement/reaction to one element most likely, but didn’t feel much the others. Didn’t feel the bookish magic, maybe we’ll try again in the future, there’s still potential for chemistry to develop.

~ 1 butterfly: Didn’t feel any chemistry, but it wasn’t negative chemistry either. It’s a bookish no-go, I’m not feeling much about our bookish interaction though I haven’t dropped the read. We’re too different to make it work though, it’s clear.

~ DNF: It didn’t work out at all…It’s nobody’s fault, sometimes chemistry is just really, really negative, you know? There is no point in ever trying out again, we’re just on totally different sides of things.

 Please keep in mind this is a subjective, personal view based on my own reading experience; it rates not how good of a writer the author is, but how good the chemistry between me and the book/saga was!

My older butterfly image credit: ~_Thank you kayne-stock (deviantART) for the awesome butterfly image!! You’re made of awesome&win!!_~

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