Review: Clippings by A.J. Mirag

A.J. Mirag;
 Ebook, 148 pages
 Published November 4th 2008 by Lulu
Unfairly arrested and charged with the murder of a police officer, Daniel has been jailed indefinitely until trial. A Brazilian prison is a terrible place to lose his innocence. Daniel would have lost more than that — perhaps even his life — if not for Mephisto, his cellmate. “Clippings” is the story of the challenges faced by a middle class young man in prison, and his relationship with a dark, mysterious man who seems eager to protect him, but who might have his own inscrutable plans..
 – Goodreads on  Clippings

I happened upon this story totally by coincidence. And then, after reading a bit, I got totally hooked. It was one of those moments, you know, when you’re having some awesome juice of life aka coffee (at 7 pm, but hey, time is relative, isn’t it?  ), and reading this book that just works so well with your mood and your expectations for the evening and all. You know?

It’s one of the fewer books of the genre where there isn’t as much an affair between the guys, but a love story. So this isn’t erotica, though there are a few love scenes between the lovers, this is romance. And I loved every bit of it.

The characters are very interesting, Mephisto, the Professor, they have this mysterious magnetism, and you’re kept guessing about them for a good bit. Daniel is adorable, and smart, and funny, and I liked him and his inquisitive mind from the get go. Mephisto was a bit harder to warm up to, because for a while there I wasn’t sure just what his agenda was. But then, when I found out, I sort of liked him even more then I liked Daniel. I always like the convoluted ones more, don’t I?  Aaaanyways.

Their chemistry was awesome. Their interaction was written very well, and the tension jumped right out of the pages and into my head. A.J. Mirag does a fabulous job at building the atmosphere for a prison, I mean I felt like that, but I never have seen the insides of a prison really, unless on TV or online, and hopefully I never will have to. But I felt like I was in a freedom-restricted area while I was reading, with all these suspicious, or plain old scary people around, feeling almost paranoid about everyone’s intentions and agendas.
 As Daniel got to know Mephisto better, that tension subtly decreased, because the guy is written so well, he gives off a sense of security, even in such problematic circumstances. And, of course, I found the Professor to be really interesting. You’ll see what I mean when you’ll read the book.

For a sort of short story (it has like 150 pages I think), it does a really great job at bringing forward the depth of the bond between the characters. It’s a beautiful read, and unlike other stories set up in such settings, it doesn’t leave you depressed or whimpering because of what happens to the characters you grow attached to. I’m not going to give away a lot about it, but I’ll say that, as much as the settings would allow, this is actually a happy ending sort of story.
 And I may be a sap for enjoying those every once in a while, or more often when reading, but hey, us romantics need to get our fix from somewhere, don’t we?

So anyways, if you feel like a rather short and entertaining read, I say give it a try. I did, and I’m very happy about that.


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