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My self-hosted book blog looks like it’s doomed atm. I will do my best to recuperate my data, it would be a great shame to lose all of my reviews for the last 6 months. But right now I don’t know anything for sure. As soon as I’ll know anything, I’ll tell you guys.

I don’t like it, but the fact that my content can just go missing like that is making Blogspot look like the winner ticket. I like the WordPress self-hosted platform much, much more, but due to lack of funds, and the liability of going through this ever again, the grim prospect of having to settle is more and more of a most likely outcome.

I seriously hope I will be able to recuperate my previous reviews, and post them up here. I won’t be able to mail each writer the new link of their review, that’ll be an insane amount of work, and I’ll have my plate full just with setting up my new place here.
I really don’t know how I’ll make this work; as much as I hate it, money makes the world go around. None of my best wishes, and best intentions and efforts can replace that. It’s a sad aspect of life that no amount of creativity and hard work can change.


October 13: Ok, so, the structure of the blog is all set, aside some little tweaks and final touches; have started posting the review archives. I have 9 posts out of 60 (I think) posts up. It doesn’t sound that impressive, does it? And it took me I think 5 hours to get them up.
On the bright side, they’re up in the final format, so I sort of deviated from my initial plan of posting raw text first, and then go in with the details later on. Upon consideration, I realized I may not have the steel will to go through all those posts a second time, so I might as well do them well to begin with.
Man, I wish I was a naga or something…

Really good news is some of my followers from the lost blog are re-following this new one. It’s a really heartwarming thing, it alleviates the dreadful sinking feeling of loss. Yeey!!

17 October: this is harder then I thought; reposting things you’ve already posted, once before, is emotionally draining. But I’m doing my best to hurry up and make it a one-week-restore, as I’ve initially planned it. Also, I’m having some design jobs, that showed up out of the blue, but in immeasurable beauty and they’ve made me feel fantastic at least. It’s hard to prioritize things…I haven’t written anymore in a week I think. Must learn how to expand time, or I’m d00med.
On the bright side, if things keep going in this way, maybe I’ll be able to get myself the new (and less costly…) Kindle sometime next year. Yeeey!! I yearn for one like you wouldn’t believe 😀

*rushes back to posting*

19 October: It’s getting annoying now. I just figured out I lost one review; and, as if by magic, today this blog finally showed up on google search, but now the cache trick with my previous blog pages doesn’t seem to work anymore. You can’t have it all, huh?


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