Did not finish: Fourth Reich Rising (Jack Shepherd Mystery Thrillers) by Tom Schwartz

   Fourth Reich Rising (Jack Shepherd Mystery Thrillers)
Tom Schwartz; Kindle Edition
Published April 20th 2011 by RP Books & Audio
The descendents of Hitler’s inner circle developed a plan for a Fourth Reich, like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes of the Third Reich. The key to success was to embroil the United States and Islamic countries in a major conflict, which would eventually drag in most of the world’s nations. With the world in chaos, they would orchestrate their rise to power.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t.
I read something like the first third of the book, giving our chemistry chance after chance to kick in, to bedazzle, to sweep me off my feet.
Perhaps if I would have gone further it would have happened, you might tell me. Sadly, I’m sure it wouldn’t have.

The plot was interesting, not necessarily something I’d love to read about but something that could be gripping, you know? I was curious about it. It’s the style of writing that alienated me from the book. It has this chronicle of war feel to me, I don’t know how to express it properly…it feels like a very accurate description, in this efficient and clear way, of things going on. Somehow it distances me from the plot, characters and everything going on, instead of helping me invest myself in the read. It’s an odd phenomenon that I haven’t experienced yet.

I didn’t finish it. And I’m not going to come back to it and try again, so I’m capitulating before you all on this front.

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