Review: Guardian of Time (The Prophecies #2) by Linda Hawley

     Guardian of Time (The Prophecies)
Linda Hawley ; Kindle Edition
Published October 26th 2011 by Nouveau Publishing
It’s the near future, and society is government controlled. Technology tracks everyone, personal privacy does not exist, and even food supplies are being monitored. The hope for freedom lies in the operations of an underground organization, GOG, which fights against worldwide oppression. Their most powerful weapon is Ann Torgeson, a paranormally-gifted operative, who unseals The Prophecies with her powers. With the government doggedly pursuing her, she goes underground, fleeing the Pacific Northwest, but not before leaving three murders, one suicide, and an explosion behind her. Will she and her companions survive to change the world after everything twists and turns upside down?
– Goodreads

Well, wow. Just wow.
After reading the first book of the series, I had all these questions and speculations going on in my mind, about what would happen to Ann. At some point during this book, I was like, ok, there’s too much happening to Ann; let’s give her a vacation or something? A break?

I am most unhappy about the Paul situation! When I demanded some action on that front I wasn’t thinking the kind of action that I got, ok? I’m making an official complaint. Seriously??? I was on the “wholly shmit” sort of wavelength about the Paul situation. It wasn’t like I was rooting for something specific to happen (ok so maybe I was, a bit. Shut up! :p), but, but, but…

This book is crazy; it starts out strong, and then it just escalates all the time. There’s all this spying, and lying, and running and being chased, and then sort of caught, and the there’s chasing again, and then some more spying and lying…I am so rewarding myself for going through all this tension with some smut reading after this crazy roller coaster ride. Yes, smut is a magical cure, don’t stare like that :p

So the plot is very active and dynamic and over the top thrilling. I’m getting too old for this kind of tense reading; I was constantly gasping and fidgeting and wincing. You need to be in a safe environment when you’re reading this book, or you might hurt yourself. I did, fidgeting and umping got me into hitting my bedside table twice, and I hit my hands at least 4 times while I was agitating them. Yes, I’m a very peculiar reader, it comes from being a peculiar person I should think, lol.

The characters were cool, though Ann was a sure deal from the previous book in the series; I loved her a bit more in this one, in fact, because she’s even braver, and makes really tough choices, and she loses people around her, beings that she cares about in one way or another. It’s certainly not easy being Ann, I can’t say I envy her, at all. I really liked Chow…that’s probably not a good sign. I liked Paul, too. Though Paul I liked because he had a vibe to him, you know? That vibe I often go for? And I generally go for villains, but I thought maybe he’s a special kind of good guy. Surprise, surprise…well I’m not gonna spell it out for you, read and weep I mean see for yourself.

And, the book ends in a sort of cliffhanger. Again. I mean, what is it with Ann and her timing? She’s always in the worst situations possible right when the book ends; someone needs to teach her a lesson or two about timing, and that’s totally ironic, for reasons I will not disclose or I’d ruin your read.

Overall, I recommend this book to lovers of paranormal in a more traditional way, I guess, and by that I mean the paranormal isn’t just a useful tool for the hot guy to be even hotter (though I am totally on board with that as well :D), this book is a head spinner with a lot of action, it’s very interesting and exciting and intriguing. I really liked it, and I think if you like some mystery and suspense you’ll like it just as much as I did.

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