Review: Legal Artistry (Bottled Up #5) by Andrew Grey @dsp_mm_romance

     Legal Artistry
Andrew Grey; Years ago, Dieter Krumpf’s grandmother died and left him everything, including a photo album containing pictures of the art collection she left behind when her family fled the Nazis. Now, Dieter is calling on the services of a lawyer, Gerald Young, to determine whether his family’s legacy might be returned to him.
Gerald doesn’t hold out much hope that the paintings will be returned, but Dieter’s earnestness speaks to him and he agrees to help. At first he concludes that while Dieter has a case, suing in Austria isn’t practical. But Gerald is a good lawyer, and as his feelings for Dieter develop, so does his determination to win the case. Together, Gerald and Dieter navigate research, hearings, and a dysfunctional family in the pursuit of fine art—and discover the art of love along the way.

We’re here to talk about some very sweet, fluffy romance, guys. It may be one of the fluffiest reads I’ve done in a while, actually. You’re totally curious, aren’t you? I know you are, so I’m obviously beating around the bush (that always sounds kinkier then intended, doesn’t it?) just to increase the anticipation. Because we all know half of the charm is the anticipation, right? Well, not really, I mean, I wouldn’t say so personally, I’m all about the delivering part, but, you know… 😀

So, this is a part of a series, of which I obviously didn’t read any other books. Why it’s so obvious? Because I’m a spaz reader like that, and rarely start reading any series with book #1, I’d have to have been collecting them books since the first came out and be well into collecting the series before starting to read them in the right order. Anyway, details right? I’m speculating about the others here, since I didn’t read them, but I’m guessing they’re based on the same principle; basically the book stands alone very well, and from what I’ve stalked on the author’s site, other books revolve around the action of the previous, with characters that were briefly introduced before. But I think you just might as well read them as stand alones, because this one at least was totally awesome on its own.

The characters were interesting to me, because they were slightly conflicted, each of them. And lovable, each of them, and more so together. I really liked how they were built, I can’t really point out what it was that was so different about them, but there was something very unique and yet pleasurably comfy about their structure as characters. It felt like I’d read dozens of the author’s books before, somehow, though I’m pretty sure I haven’t (though I do generally suck with names, so I might have?? Another mystery for the ages, lol.) You know the feeling? The story just flowed in such a way that I felt at home reading it, I dunno.
The plot was very interesting, too, and it allowed for diverse scenery and such gorgeousness as historical inserts (but not the thick, sturdy, a day in school sort of history inserts, the brief, intriguing, cool ones – did I ever tell you I never liked history while I was in school? Never was a fan; I’d learn the lessons real well, but made a point of pride of forgetting everything about the previous one when I was studying for the next. Unfortunately I had history each year, up until the last year of high school, so despite my better efforts there’s enough of it floating around my brain. I never liked history teachers, I think that’s my biggest issue. Omg, huge, rant, sorryyyy!!!)

So, I had a lot of fun reading this book. It’s a really cool romance story, with some steamy loving of course, but quite moderate (says the pervy reader, lol) I’d say. That’s why I said earlier it’s fluffy, it has this really sweet emotional note to it, and very little of the usual angst I find tucked in some romance novels (and I do love angest too, never fear, lol!), in fact almost no angst at all, and I still loved reading it. Being slightly infamous for my less then 100% enthusiasm about fluff, this was a really surprising reading pleasure, you know?
I think what I really liked about is that somehow the world view felt very authentic, not stretched out thin, know what I mean? I mean, fluffy as the love story might have been, I never had one of those “Pffft, yeah, right!” moments, and I really love a book that can give me that kind of reading experience, where no “Pffft, yeah, right!” moments show up.

I also feel the need to express my quivering delight about the cover, it’s sort of gorgeous isn’t it? I’m starting to get annoyed at covers that showcase a half (or entrirely, at times) naked hunky muscle bunny (loved the muscle bunnies bit of the book, btw, you’ll lol your pants off when reading that bit, I mean I did, lol.), that is obviously cool to see, but I’d like the covers to be more…I dunno, about more then just the guy’s hotness, you know? Don’t get me wrong, I love a studmuffin just as much as anyone else, but it gets old after a while, and it has gotten old for me for a couple of months at least. Ranting, again, sorry.

So, if everything was so cool, why have I gone with a 3 butterflies rating and not one higher, you might ask. Honestly, it’s more like an almost 4, but not quote.
Well, by now I know myself well enough to tell you that I always get more emotionally involved in tense, angsty, twisted sorts of characters and relationships. It’s not this mandatory must-have thingy, but with fluffy sort of love stories, and lovable sort of characters I just rarely get that high, that excitement I need to go all fangirl, you know?
I wasn’t gasping and tossing and turning in my comfy reading spot, all on edge from wanting to know what’s gonna happen next. It was a calm, lovely read, a pleasurable romance read. It’s well written, and lovely, but not entirely my type, you know? Like trying to date someone that has best friend material; I’m gonna love you to bits and love spending time with you, but there’s never going to be that wild spark, that giddy excitement. God, I’m so wacky with this review, somebody stop me.

All things considered, I really liked reading it. I say try it out, it’s a lovely, interesting read, with a sweet love story.

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