Review: The Betrothal: Or How I Saved Alan Edwards from 40 Years of Hell by Richard Raley @RichardRaley

            The Betrothal: Or How I Saved Alan Edwards from 40 Years of Hell
Richard Raley; Kindle Edition
Published April 23rd 2011 by Richard Raley
Phineas Farraday is a college drop-out turned struggling genre writer. One night, he’s huddled over his keyboard when he receives a phone call from his best friend Alan Edwards. Alan has spent the last two years doing missionary work in Chile and only just got back to the States. He’s got some great news for Phin. Alan’s getting married…in a week…to a girl he’s never met. You’ll be the Best Man, won’t you, buddy?
What would happen if “Hangover” and “Pride and Prejudice” fought in a Steel Cage Death Match? What about if “American Pie” and “It Happened One Night” did the naughty dance? You’d end up with “The Betrothal: Or How I Saved Alan Edwards from 40 Years of Hell”. One part Teen Comedy, one part Love Story, all parts PURE AWESOMENESS.
Novel might include, but in no way legally binded to include: Dolphins, Grins, Exploding Cushions, Airplanes, Hot Pink, Polar Bears, Mormon Root Drink, Baby Blue, THE PLAN, Almost Redheads, Peter and Paul, Footnotes, Killer Fish, Half-British Scum, Crazy Arch-Burgers, Brutus, Lucky Bleeps, Hippos, and the Tank.

Oh my God, I laughed so much while reading this book I almost got the cramps.

The main lines of the plot are not necessarily new ideas, I mean we’ve all seen movies about this, read books even, the friend that is going to marry the wrong person and the ones that want to save them from it. Of course, not all of them are Mormon, or act under the evil Point System method of inheritance; these things are all new. And don’t get me started on the characters.

I had an immediate connection with Phin, though I didn’t know his name half of the book; I mean, a writer, a peculiar, snarky, smart guy with loads of humor and over the top friends? I was so with that. Phin is incredibly funny, and fresh, and sort of adorable in an awkward-ish way. I loved him. Tad, one of his friends, and his fellow crusader on the Emily-war is amusing as well, especially with some prints. Don’t worry, you’ll get what I mean when you’ll read it, I am so not spoiling that moment for you guys. Alan is sort of naive, and gullible, and a virgin (poor dude…to do all that missionary work, and yet to not do the missionary…lol), and Emily, his bride to be, is…uhm…an insufferable b!tch. But I can see where she gets it, I mean it runs in the family; you’ll get the why when you’ll meet her father. Sam and Hannah were adorable, and a refreshing presence.

The chemistry between Alan and Emily wasn’t there, but that’s a good thing, I mean Satan might have had chemistry with Emily if he was bored of all the other fun things he could do. Ok, maybe she’s not that evil, I mean it takes a talent to be that evil, she’s just like the plague. Sam and Phin had a lot of chemistry, and I loved reading about them together, I mean they were a lot of fun separately as well, but together? Awesome-sauce.

I loved the easy, fun note of the writing, and the plot was paced very well and thoroughly sprinkled with enough humor to have your jaws hurt from all the laughing. This is the kind of book I’d take with me in my bag, the sure means of awesome entertainment. I loved it, I just loved it. You should read it, I mean it’s awesome for taking your mind off of anything else, and so much fun. Did I mention fun? It’s a lot of fun!! It’s become my no.1 emergency read for those bleah moods, it’s instant good mood.

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