Hoppity hop Galore #7: My bookish pet peeves…

This is the awesomest blog hop hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. This week’s blogs to follow are Lauren @ Lauren Gets Literal and Fic Book Reviews.
Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don’t like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!

Ah…this is gonna be a long post…

Ok, let’s make this into a list, I love lists, like any respectable OCD-ish creature out there xDDD
1 – Insipid characters:
You might start throwing things at me, but hey, it comes with the territory. Strong female MC-s aren’t necessarily difficult, bossy things that need to jump off of burning buildings to prove they’re the stuff dreams are made of. Strong male MC-s aren’t micromanaging freaks with a boss-complex and uber-powers. Great strength is never so obvious, and what looks like strength, acts like strength and quacks like strength might often times be fear and helplessness in disguise.
My point is, being a strong MC doesn’t mean you’re always the one saving the day and dragging the whole world into the right direction; a strong MC is comfortable and able to go with the flow, wherever it may lead. Strong does not equal pushy, and if your character is pushy for the sake of appearing independent and cool and yada yada, it’s insipid to me.

2 – Predictable plots that have been done 1000 times:
The sparkling supernatural dude is righteous and the poster boy of chaste, almost platonic loving and he loves unconditionally this sort of random, regular chick; the stupid-cool, powerful, do-it-yourself chick is awesome and needs nobody and tolerates some dude around just until her nail polish dries; the otherworldly beauty falls for the common creature and loves it to the T.
Ok, we got it. Someone did it already, and it was done well enough. Let’s goddamn move on, shall we? I don’t want to read a re-run where the supernatural being takes turns at being any imaginable thing (including angels…there’s something about sexually or romantically involved angels that just doesn’t sit well with me, and I’m far from a religious fanatic.)
Make it your own or leave it alone, that’s what I think.

3 – Uber-stretched plots that would make for one good book, but are spread thin into a “trilogy” or a “saga”:
I’m not saying don’t write a trilogy; dude, it’s a free world, you can do whatever floats your boat. But please don’t expect me to wanna read it if it has the consistency of cotton candy (unless it’s really kinky and intense, I’ll forgo real substance for that once in a while, hur~hur). There’s only so much patience I can have with filler. If you’ve got the stuff for one good book, then write that one good book and move on. Don’t try to milk that cow dry, it’s really not pretty and it will be the strongest argument for me to not read another one of your books in the future, even if those might supposedly have substance.
And if your series is not a saga, then please don’t call it so. And if you don’t have a clear vision about how many books your series will have, then don’t name it a “trilogy” that ends up having 5 books. There’s a saying around here, it goes like “The four evangelists were three, Luke and Mathew.” Feel me?
It’s in dictionaries, online, all over the place, look the words up, they have a clear meaning. If your work doesn’t fall into the category, don’t call it a saga or a trilogy just because it sounds cool. Use another word, be creative, your’re a writer after all, aren’t you?

What about you? Comment and tell me or link me to your #FF! And don’t forget to hop around and say hi to people, we’re in this together ne? 

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