Review: Lord of the Abyss / Desert Warrior by Nalini Singh @NaliniSingh

      Lord of the Abyss and Desert Warrior: Lord of the Abyss\Desert Warrior (Harlequin Nocturne: Royal House of Shadows)
Nalini Singh; Mass Market Paperback, 493 pages
Published November 22nd 2011 by Harlequin Books (Mm)
Once upon a time…the Blood Sorcerer vanquished the kingdom of Elden. To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with vengeance. Only a magical timepiece connects the four royal heirs. Now they must return and save Elden…and time is running out….
As the dark Lord who condemns souls to damnation in the Abyss, Micah is nothing but a feared monster. He has no idea he is the last heir of Elden. Only one woman knows—the daughter of his enemy. Liliana sees past his impenetrable black armor to the prince inside. To help Micah remember, she must brave his dark, dangerous lair. Because they only have until midnight to save Elden.

It was a great surprise to see that the egalley from NetGalley had not only Lord of the Abyss inside, but Desert Warrior as well! Totally awesome xDD
But since they’re separate works, we’re going to talk about them separately, first Lord of the Abyss:.

I so loved reading this novel!! Like, SO loved reading it!!

This series was an interesting reading experience, as it seems I love it more and more as books from it progress. Right now we’re at the heights of my fangirlism, because I loved this one the most out of the entire series! It’s a gorgeous PNR, with a fairytale flavor and awesome atmosphere, totally awesome atmosphere xDDD Yes, yes, gushing about it is a must, this is the home run of the series for me.

The plot was, just like in the case of the other books in the series, lovely; a fairytale with a paranormal twist, complete with ravishingly smexy princes and one awesome princess, great royal leaders, evil sorcerers, magic creatures, adventure, trials – a complete treat. From the plot’s point of view, they were all awesome books and I loved them I could say equally.

What made the difference for each one though were the characters. Before reading this final novel, I was wondering which of the couples from the others I liked best, the real contest being between the couples of book 2 and 3, but right now my absolute favorite couple is Micah and Liliana, hands down. And they’re my favorite characters on their own, too, but together they had this insane chemistry mixed with such emotional intensity, a truly memorable relationship.
Admittedly this novel most of all caters to my darkish delight of darkish, strong male characters, sort of bada$$ and unrepentant, and intense, and boy oh boy, is Micah one of those treats! A total treat, yummy. I mean, the man (vampire prince turned Guardian of the Abyss, whatever) even wears the uber-hot black sort-of-living armor, he has dungeons and a volcanic temper!! Color me greedy, I’d totally want some fairytale with the dude, hur~hur.

Seriously speaking though, he was a really awesome character. I loved the sense of awakening that the great writing gave me, it felt like I was right there with him, slowly discovering who he really is and what he’s meant to do. And his sort of boyish way of interacting with Liliana, of course mixed with steamy passion and intensity, made me totally love him. Ok, so I like possessive, dark, dangerous male super-villainish-looking characters, so shoot me, lol. A girl can dream, right? xDD
He’s absolutely making my top 10 characters of the year, no doubt about it. I won’t tell you where in my top 10 he’ll rank though, you’ll just have to wait to read about that on 28 and/or 29 December.

Liliana was absolutely irresistible. Her horrific childhood with a disgustingly sadistic abusive father made her a fighter, and despite all the horrible things she had to got through, she managed to keep an open, beautifully altruistic heart, I just loved her. It was a pleasure following her evolution, from the traumatized, close-to-no-self-esteem lost soul, to the loving, selfless woman and brave warrior, she bloomed into a beautiful character, regardless of her physical appearance. Of course, in the end there’s a twist about that, but I’m so not telling you what’s what or I’d spoil your read and we don’t wanna do that, do we? 😀

I was completely happy when the Blood Sorcerer finally made his exit, aka got his sadistic little butt kicked, I’d been counting the days, so to speak, ever since book #1 for someone to finally teach him a lesson. So to my utter joy, there’s a totally happy ending here, and though I’m not giving you any particulars I think you should know though this book in particular almost gave me a heart attack, it all ends as it should in a fairytale.

All in all I say you should totally read this novel, it’s awesome! And if you’re wondering about it, each of the books stands well enough on its own to read them separately too, so if you want to read this one you totally can even without having read the rest of them.

Desert Warrior:

The fabled desert kingdom of Zulheina was Tariq’s birthright, and he was a man who held tightly what belonged to him. And that meant he had to reclaim a very special woman–the woman who had broken his heart years before in New Zealand. And once he had lured her to this distant land, he meant to keep his new bride here forever….But Jasmine Coleridge was not as easily tamed as he had imagined. Her beguiling blend of untouched innocence and dazzling sensuality threatened, once again, to bring the haughty sheikh to his knees–and made him wonder who was the true prisoner…

Because this post has the potential to take monstrous size, this will be a short review. Published separately as well, this is a riveting adult romance story. Of course, me being a total sucker for possessive, intense hotshots that totally fall crazy in love with their lovers, I’m sort of biased when saying so.
Tariq and Jasmine have the most crazy-hot/explosive chemistry I’ve read in a while, and their relationship was sublimely angsty and utterly delicious to read. I won’t make this story long, if you love romance in exotic settings, like a gorgeous kingdom in the desert, with intense characters that share a riveting tale of passion and love, you should not miss this.
‘Nough said.



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