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About the Author:
Sibelle Stone is the pseudonym for award winning historical romance author Deborah Schneider. Sibelle writes sexy steampunk and paranormal stories, filled with magic, mad scientists, dirigibles, automatons, and creatures that would scare the panties off Deborah. In her spare time Sibelle enjoys dressing up in Victorian ensembles, modding play guns into something that looks a bit more sinister and wearing hats.

Author Bio: Deborah Schneider
A lifelong love of American history led Deborah Schneider from teaching high school to writing novels. Her first book, Beneath A Silver Moon won the Molly award for “Most Unsinkable Heroine” from the Heart of Denver chapter of RWA and was later a finalist in the New Historical Voice Contest in 2000. Her most recent release Promise Me won the 2011 EPIC Award for Best Western Romance. Her first steampunk story, No Ordinary Love was published in fall 2011. Deborah is employed by the busiest and best library system in the U.S. She’s received the “Open Book Award” from Pacific Northwest Writers and was named “Librarian of the Year” by Romance Writers of America in 2009.

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Making Magic

When I started writing the first book in my Mystic Moon series, I knew since I was writing about four sisters who were witches, that I would need to know about magic. But, how do you research something that is difficult to describe?
I started with Elemental Witches – who had a specific elemental spirit connected with their magic. Each witch controls, well actually works with an element, air (the wind), fire, water and earth. The spirits connected to each element are very specific – Air -sylphs, Fire – salamander, (in my story, I made them fire dragons), Water -undines and Earth -gnomes.
In Whistle Down the Wind, my heroine, Catlin Glyndwr, hasn’t actually learned the full extent of her powers. That’s really part of her story journey. She had a very bad experience when she tried to heal her mother, and has made a vow not to try to heal anyone again. So, of course in order to save her life when she’s accused of being a witch — she has to perform a magical healing.
Not only that, but she’s forced to perform a healing spell in front of the hero. Obviously her life is in danger, because she can be arrested again for practicing magic. But, she’s taken a vow of help and healing, and she can’t turn her back on the dying man. She also feels responsible for the man’s bout of “lung fever” — actually an asthma attack.
Using the wind as a magical power means the when Catlin needs help, she can call down a storm. That’s actually the meaning of “Whistle Down the Wind” — and it seemed like a perfect title.
If you could have a magical power, what would it be?

Livia says: Ugh, I can never decide on just one! What about you guys, what would you like your magical power to be?

Prizes: 1 copy of Beneath a Silver Moon by Deborah Schneider, ebook (international) or paperback (U.S. only) and a 10 $ Starbucks Gift Card!
You can enter for both or just for one giveaway, as you please, but you can win them both if you enter them both and are lucky enough xD You can enter until March 27. Winners will be announced in this post on March 28 and contacted by email.
Winners will be contacted by book tour organizers about their prizes.


Winner is: Amy Kelly


Winner is: Madeline Sloane


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