Important notice regarding review submissions :)

Dear writers,

I’ve updated my Review Policy & Submissions, please look over it here.
If any of you have glanced over my upcoming-review shelf on Goodreads you’ll understand why. There’s a fine balance between reading for the reviews, reading other titles, and being active all over the place. I’m trying my best here to do what’s best for the blog, for writers, for me as a person. Life is a delicate balance, and I run one-woman-shows here.

So as of now, taking in review requests is suspended. I have around 80 titles to read through, and I will probably reopen the submissions when I reach something like 30 titles on that list. You’ll notice I’m still actively participating on book tours though, and you can at any time contact me if you’re an author and you’d like to do a guest post, character guest post, and some other such thing, or have your title featured in a giveaway on my blog.
This is not a break in blog activity, it’s just a reasonable halt in taking in new requests while so many older ones have yet to be addressed. When I will reopen the review submissions, my review policy will stay the same. Indie/self-pub titles will be welcomed as much as traditionally published ones, nothing about my blog or my personal policies will change. 🙂

Thank you all for having my blog in mind, I really appreciate your desire to share your work with me, and the rest of the world. Don’t ever stop.

P.S.: If you’re one of those authors with whom I’ve developed a connection with through time, and you’re having a new title out, do get in contact with me. I won’t be able to turn down a friend, I’m soft like that xD


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