Review: Spellbound ( #Spellbound #1 ) by Cara Lynn Shultz

by Cara Lynn Shultz;
Editions: paperback, ebook
Published June 21st 2011 by Harlequin Teen
Source: own copy
What’s a girl to do when meeting The One means she’s cursed to die a horrible death?Life hasn’t been easy on sixteen-year-old Emma Connor, so a new start in New York may be just the change she needs. But the posh Upper East Side prep school she has to attend? Not so much. Friendly faces are few and far between, except for one that she’s irresistibly drawn to—Brendan Salinger, the guy with the rock-star good looks and the richest kid in school, who might just be her very own white knight.But even when Brendan inexplicably turns cold, Emma can’t stop staring. Ever since she laid eyes on him, strange things have been happening. Streetlamps go out wherever she walks, and Emma’s been having the oddest dreams: visions of herself in past lives—visions that warn her to stay away from Brendan. Or else.~ Goodreads Blurb

Yet another book I’ve been meaning to read since it was out and just got around to doing it. It would have taken me longer if I hadn’t snatched book #2 in the series from NetGalley, I can guarantee it, because this way I had a date in mind for when reviews should show up on the blog. Kiddish of me to need any other reason then wanting to read a book to read it, I know. I should focus on my bookish needs more, shouldn’t I? Aaaanyways…

What we have here is a fairy tale. Not a tale about fairies, that is, but a Prince Charming sort of fairy tale, a love that binds two souls in a timeless quest to be together. *sigh* I’m such a sucker for these scenarios, aren’t we all? Of course, it’s high-school time, our protagonists are a witch-to-be and a honor student/jock yummy modern day Prince Charming. And the setting is New York. I actually think I read few books set in New York, for some reason?

The plot was this interesting mix of teen romance, some mystery, some drama, some humor, some awesome characters, some psycho elements – and you already want to try it out if you haven’t already, don’t you? I mean I know I wanted to since the first time I saw the blurb. Reading this after Paranormalcy, well not right after but a couple days distance, I can tell you I was a fan of these sixteen yo characters more, for some reason. Emma seemed more grown up, and I resonated with her a lot more.
The pace of events was alert but not overwhelming, and I really enjoyed that, it gave chance for the characters to gain depth and some substance. I knew I was in for a happy ending, I mean what else could be in order for a prince charming sort of story, right? But I sort of fidgeted in my seat at the end there, that obnoxious Anthony was ruining my happily ever after vision.

The characters were really cool, I liked them. Diverse from all points of view, that’s something I really, really love to see in a book. They were individuals, not types of characters, well maybe except Kristin, she was a type for sure – the I wanna strangle you and dangle you by your toes type, bleh!.
I really loved Ashley and I felt Emma’s voice was very natural, the no-nonsense sort of gal that I like. My heart went out to her and all her losses, I was feeling like this Brendan dude better rise to the challenge and make her happy or I’m trotting in there and hanging him by his toes as well, lol.

The writing was adorable, especially Emma’s voice, she had that sort of humorous view on things that I always love to read, and when things were edgy and dramatic I could feel that atmosphere all the way. I really liked the writing and the perspective the author had on things, and my only complaint was that, as often the case is with YA, there wasn’t something maddeningly intense for me to fangirl over. But it was, overall, a great read. You should totally check it out if you haven’t read it already.

Or did you read it? What did you think of it, are you looking forward to reading book #2 of the series?

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