Review: Merlyn’s Raven by Rose Vanden Eynden + Giveaway

Merlyn’s Raven

by Rose Vanden Eynden
Editions: ebook
Published April 17th 2012 by Soul Mate Publishing
Source: review copy
Falling in love is the ultimate magic. For Gwendydd, a young woman in 5th century Wales, it seems an unobtainable fantasy. She dreads the day her chieftain grandfather will marry her off to increase his allies among the warring tribes of Britain. When she meets the mysterious and handsome druid apprentice Myrddin, Gwendydd realizes just how difficult falling in love can be. The ire of her disapproving grandfather is not her only obstacle. Myrddin’s clairvoyant visions of a king who will unify the battling tribes and bring peace to the land become a dangerous obsession that threatens to obliterate their union. Can Gwendydd support her beloved, the man destined to become the world’s most powerful enchanter, King Arthur’s legendary Merlyn? Or will her devotion destroy her and everything she holds dear?
~ Author Blurb

I went into this read expecting some Arthurian romance story about Merlin (or Merlyn, or however you choose to call him). I’ll start off by saying this read a lot more like epic fantasy then what I was expecting, and as you guys know by now, I’m not really a lot into epic anymore.

The writing is really good in that epic sort of way, the tone and vocabulary of the read fit really well with the Arthurian setting. The prose had a really nice flow, though I’ve become more of a fan for more accessible writing lately. I have great faith in the fact all you epic fantasy lovers out there will find this utterly delicious though, check out the excerpt in the previous post to “sample the goods”.

The characters were interesting and they did draw me in a lot, I was with everything going on even and I felt very involved in the chemistry between Myrddin and Gwendydd. A tiny thing that kept breaking my focus was the names, actually. I have that sort of mind that obsesses over things spurring its interest, and these names were constantly playing in my head in different pronunciations. I get distracted like that with aspects of stories too, though here it didn’t happen – just saying. So I kept playing with the names in my head a lot, I couldn’t help it. It might have helped me get over it if they’d been written as they should be pronounced, you know?

The plot was engaging and eventful, there was emotion, action, some magic going on, it basically had it all. Again, more in that epic sort of way, that’s how it felt to me.

Overall, this was a good read, I enjoyed it and I highly recommend this to epic fantasy lovers, I’m sure this will be a treat.


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Winner: Linda! Congrats, hope you’ll enjoy it!

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7 thoughts on “Review: Merlyn’s Raven by Rose Vanden Eynden + Giveaway

  1. Poppyfields77

    It sounds like a pretty original concept of a book to me. I look forward to reading it. Nice review.

  2. Linda

    Sounds really good from the review. I have such a hard time finding fantasy books – I like mine with a strong romantic element. I tend to gloss over pronunciations when I can’t figure out how they should be pronounced correctly.

  3. Rose Vanden Eynden

    Thank you so much for featuring MERLYN’S RAVEN here! So glad to see you enjoyed the book, even if epic fantasy isn’t always your cup of tea. Hopefully any reader will be able to find something s/he enjoys in the story.

    There is a glossary in the e-book to help with name pronunciations. Unfortunately it’s at the end–but you can use your Kindle or Nook bookmarks to keep it in a place where you can refer to it. 🙂

    Sending blessings to all! 

  4. Livia ~ BoM Books

    My pleasure 🙂

    Yeah, I found it at the end there. I would have a tinsy bit happier with it at the beginning I think, it would have killed my mind’s odd habit of worrying about pronunciations. I know some are against the glossary element being at the beginning of books, but I’m all for it myself 🙂
    Thanks, best wishes!

  5. Livia ~ BoM Books

    Yeah, we’re alike in such regards. I used to like epic a while back, but for some reason I’m not into it anymore. Meh, maybe I’ll get back into it sometime in the future, these things tend to shift and change for me, lol.


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